Fear Waterfall


Fear Waterfall


Every fear

A waterfall

Washing down over me,

Crushing me beneath

The weight

As I struggle for air

Struggle to breathe

And stay afloat.

Tossed and thrown about

As each fear,

Each wave’s icy fingers

Grab hold

Trying to pull me down.

As I sink beneath the surface

The sky becomes blurry

Distorted by the water

And I fall further.

The dark, coolness

Of the depths

Terrifies as I continue.

Then I realize

It’s calm beneath the surface.

All the heavy, weighty fear

That thrust me around


Deep below.

Deep within the waves of fear

Resides a calm,

A silence,

A beauty

Like no other.

In the acceptance, the letting go into

The water, the fear

I found the peace I had been searching



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