The Train


The Train


The clickity clack

Of the train

Barreling down the track

Jars me from the stupor.

I’m whisked away

Caught in the speeding train.

The faces flashing

The pallid lights washing

Out all humanness.

A silver box shooting past

Catching what’s not rooted

In its whirling wind.

Pushing through to darkness

In the tunnels

Underneath and hidden from the world.

Life flashes and passes

As the train rolls on.

I’m trapped in the speed

Hopped up on the adrenaline

And the wind whipping me around.

Everything else becomes a blur

I’m only in this moment

Part of the racing train

Pure energy and speed

Gaining momentum and never turning back.

No time, no space to think.

Just to be

Speeding by.


What are your thoughts?

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