Never Ending Pursuit


Never Ending Pursuit


The road winds ahead

Twisting and turning

Veering dangerously close

To the edge

Of the cliff.

It’s a high,

Speeding around the curves

Each turn brings

New vistas to be viewed.

The vastness of the land

Overwhelms and inspires me.

I’m off on another adventure

Exploring, seeing,

Bearing witness to the beauty of the land,

Re-connecting with the natural world

That so easily gets put second

To other responsibilities.

I am reinvigorated, I feel a new sense of connectedness

To the world, the universe, myself.

And yet

While I’m off flying,

Experiencing and enjoying natural wonders

I know

That there is more

Waiting on me at home,

People – connections to others that

Combined with a nature connection

Fills me in ways

I’ve always dreamt.

I need both,

Mountain silence and deep conversation

With people.

My job, my goal

Is to manage the balancing act it takes

To keep every part of me fulfilled,

A never ending pursuit,

A lifelong project.


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