Lost in the Woods


Lost in the Woods


With each step

I find that I am lost

Among the trees,

Lost in the wood.

It’s a purposefully done


I lose myself with reason

With purpose.

In the letting go

Of paths, of prescribed ways of walking

Through the woods,

In the losing of myself,

I find so much more.

I find the quiet words

Locked away within.

I find the deep desires and hopes.

While discovering these

Lovely, easy to be with things

I also find the fears

The sadness, anger and pains

Buried and infrequently looked at.

The further I walk

I move beyond the finding

I release all that I have found.

I place my hands

Fingers spread wide

Against the tree

Forehead bent ,touching the tree

And release


All thoughts, emotions

Everything to the earth.

All that is left is space

Me and the tree.

Pure, plain, simple.


Never Ending Pursuit


Never Ending Pursuit


The road winds ahead

Twisting and turning

Veering dangerously close

To the edge

Of the cliff.

It’s a high,

Speeding around the curves

Each turn brings

New vistas to be viewed.

The vastness of the land

Overwhelms and inspires me.

I’m off on another adventure

Exploring, seeing,

Bearing witness to the beauty of the land,

Re-connecting with the natural world

That so easily gets put second

To other responsibilities.

I am reinvigorated, I feel a new sense of connectedness

To the world, the universe, myself.

And yet

While I’m off flying,

Experiencing and enjoying natural wonders

I know

That there is more

Waiting on me at home,

People – connections to others that

Combined with a nature connection

Fills me in ways

I’ve always dreamt.

I need both,

Mountain silence and deep conversation

With people.

My job, my goal

Is to manage the balancing act it takes

To keep every part of me fulfilled,

A never ending pursuit,

A lifelong project.

The Train


The Train


The clickity clack

Of the train

Barreling down the track

Jars me from the stupor.

I’m whisked away

Caught in the speeding train.

The faces flashing

The pallid lights washing

Out all humanness.

A silver box shooting past

Catching what’s not rooted

In its whirling wind.

Pushing through to darkness

In the tunnels

Underneath and hidden from the world.

Life flashes and passes

As the train rolls on.

I’m trapped in the speed

Hopped up on the adrenaline

And the wind whipping me around.

Everything else becomes a blur

I’m only in this moment

Part of the racing train

Pure energy and speed

Gaining momentum and never turning back.

No time, no space to think.

Just to be

Speeding by.





In the air

I see the shimmer

Of life

The waves of energy

As they roll and wave off

Everything around.

The colors and the sparkles

Dance around us

As we walk through life.

They rub off on the ones

We meet.

Leaving energy prints

Like footprints in the sand.

An indent of our being.

I see and watch in wonder

And in awe

Of life force that surrounds

I am humbled to see how wondrous

It all can really be.

Daily Beginnings


Daily Beginnings


Every day we get a new beginning

A chance to start anew.

To change

The fact that

We are strangers to ourselves,

We are people we don’t know.

Lost among the stars

Searching for one to light the way home.

We scramble reaching

For a love we thought we knew

Only to find it replaced.


Every morning

The sun rises

And we wake

To dream another day.

To reacquaint ourselves

With who we could be.

Discover all we are

And all the potential that we hold.


Fear Waterfall


Fear Waterfall


Every fear

A waterfall

Washing down over me,

Crushing me beneath

The weight

As I struggle for air

Struggle to breathe

And stay afloat.

Tossed and thrown about

As each fear,

Each wave’s icy fingers

Grab hold

Trying to pull me down.

As I sink beneath the surface

The sky becomes blurry

Distorted by the water

And I fall further.

The dark, coolness

Of the depths

Terrifies as I continue.

Then I realize

It’s calm beneath the surface.

All the heavy, weighty fear

That thrust me around


Deep below.

Deep within the waves of fear

Resides a calm,

A silence,

A beauty

Like no other.

In the acceptance, the letting go into

The water, the fear

I found the peace I had been searching






In a world of responsibility

Where should’s and must’s

Seem to endlessly rule,

A world where jobs and appointments

Have come to define us,

We seek

Moments of respite

Of pure

Unadulterated fun.

Running with the wind

To see how far we go

Dancing along the way.

We delve, swan dive

Head first into the color

To break free from our routine

The yellow, orange, greens and pinks

Flying through the air

Landing on us

We become transformed.

Our crisp cleanness

Turned to abstract art.

We roll in the colors

To make sure

Every inch is coated.

Sweat runs mixing colors together

It’s art that changes.

In the dirty mess of color

We sink deep into the joy

Forgetting tomorrow and yesterday

Living only for the highlighted visual spectacle

We have become.