I am eternally grateful:

To my family, to my parents and step-parents for their support (which is never-ending and encompasses material, physical and emotional support).

To my brothers for always being there for me, making me laugh, and just for being their wonderful selves.

To my extended family for loving and caring about me.

To my friends for listening to me no matter if it was happy, sad, silly, serious or anywhere in between, for being part of life and all the adventures in it.

To all of the healers I have come across in my life, whether in traditional medicine, or energy medicine or emotional therapy. Without these people I would still be struggling with healing. They have given me inspiration as well as the tools I need to heal myself.

To all the writers whose words echo in my mind, encouraging and inspiring me to follow in their footsteps while creating a whole new path.

To the people I have met around the world who took a moment to share some piece of their story with me. Those stories live in me and intertwine with my own.

To the people who frustrate me, who I struggle to understand, who tell me I can’t and shouldn’t because they make me stronger, they help me  learn compassion.

I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities I have been given, for the material comforts that allow me to never feel hungry, to never go to bed cold.

Thank You Universe!

I feel it is supremely important to find things to be grateful for in life. To feel gratitude is the most amazing feeling. It pays homage to all I have been given while at the same time filling with with a warmth the coldest night could not squelch. Therefore it seemed only fitting to include it, it does come from my hearts.



What are your thoughts?

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