Of The Trees



Of The Trees


Out of the darkness of the earth

Grew a mighty tree,

With leaves that reach the sky

And branches that touch the sea.

I long to be just like that tree

At one with everything,

To live and breathe

Just to be

In love, of love.

To sway without breaking in the wind

To come from darkness while

Always reaching towards the light,

Each knot and gnarly branch

A beautiful

Ode to many earthly years.

I long for the wisdom of the trees

To take time to listen to the whispers

Of the earth and sky

While letting go of busy days.


To Live



To Live


To live

We must

Put one foot in front of the other.

To walk out the door,

Breathe in fresh air,

Move about the world.

To be open

To see, hear, smell

To feel what life is like

On the outside.

Let go of all fears

Release into the possibilities


That flow out before us.

Welcome what we never knew

We didn’t know.

Accept all of the craziness of this

Earth where we all live.

To live

We must


More than we thought we could,

We must



And feel


To live we must be

In and of the world.

So Clear



So Clear

Everything is so clear.

I can see it all unfolding

Before me.

A beautiful perfect flower,

Opening and reveling its truth.

It already is so there is no need

To worry anymore.

Safety is all that exists,

Permeating every action of my being.

Peace coats my soul

Like frosting on a cake

Like clouds on a mountain.

I am here to stay and be

How is not important to know.

Let go and float purposefully through

As life will pull you in all directions,

Some days will seem to never end

Some days will rush on by

Some days you will forget yourself

Some days you will remember and know yourself


Everyday you will be.


Sometimes even in the midst of craziness clarity exists. For no quantifiable, describable reason there is clarity. In those moments I am tempted to think about them and wonder where the clarity came from, why I have it now as opposed to other times. But it can be refreshing to just let the clarity be.

What helps you just be with clarity?

Forest Place



Forest Place


In the forest

Dark and deep

Is where I long

To lay me down and sleep.

The only sound

Is leaves falling to the ground.

Softly in the distance

Water murmurs and gurgles

Of what no one knows.


A place for rest

Tranquil and subdued,

It’s what I like the best.

Where fairies dance

And magic lasts

All the days and nights.

A special place,

With all the space

For me to be me.


Where do you feel you can just be yourself?

Just Be



Just Be


If I took away

The extraneous words,

Stripped down

To the core

Who we really are

What would I discover?

I believe

It would be simplicity



Truth that speaks louder than words

Without ever saying a thing.

It would be love, light

Strong, powerful

Effervescent, continuous.

If I peeled away the layers


Would just



Sometimes we need to get rid of all the extra words. Get to the essence of ourselves.


What helps you get down to your core?

Eyes to See the Truth



Eyes to See the Truth


Open your eyes

To see the truth

The wonders right in front of you,

The baseness of nature.

The cracks in

The sidewalk

Open into deep

Crevasses that shake the structure

Of the earth on which we walk.

Solid ground gives way

Without a thought

To those above

Presuming their own safety.

The sunlight dancing gracefully

Across the waters

Flowing towards complete

Union with all the waters

Of the earth in

The oceans of the world.

Where mysteries and magic

Lie under every wave,

Where joy leaps and bounds

In choppy swells.

We’re just a flash

On a planet built to outlast

Its oldest creatures

In a universe that never

Ends and maybe never began.

Open your eyes

To see the truth,

That truth is just a word

To keep us safe,

In a world we can’t control.


Not really sure where this came from. I had a little time yesterday afternoon and was sitting in the sun enjoying the warm weather, when these words started rolling around. So I got out a notebook and started writing. Truth is something people are always looking for, but sometimes I think what we have to realize is any truth we discover is going to be touched by our mind, by our interpretation. That we create truths because we want to make sense and control the world where we have little control and not everything makes sense. Real truth is sitting in the sun and feeling its warmth without thought, without judgement. Truth is just to be.


What do you believe about truth?




Filled With Trees


It will calm your mind

And your soul

To sit and watch a tree.

I mean really watch it,

Until it fills you up,

Notice without concentrating

On the leaves, the flowers,

The breeze moving the branches.

Wait and the picture will fill

Your entire field of vision.

You will become the tree for a moment.

Let it happen,

Allow the stillness in,

Let it fill you,

The silence, the completeness

A way to just be.

Drink in the sunshine, and the dirt underfoot.

To be filled with trees is to be.

Let the earth fill you

With all her gifts

She offers them freely without judgment.

Peace and contentment settle into every cell

When I am with nature. 


Nature – trees, are the best medicine for me when I’m having a bad day. Just sitting under a tree or even standing near a tree placing my hands on it allows me to stop, to settle down and sync with the slowness, the being of the tree. Sometimes it’s quick and easy to feel better, other times it takes a while or returned attempts. But it always works. I think it reminds me not to take everything so seriously and just let things be.

What in nature helps you?