Smallest Ways


Smallest Ways


I thought I’d like to change

The world today.

I put on my shoes

Walked out the door

To look for

Opportunities to inspire change.

So early no one was awake,

Nothing I could change

In the moment.

I let go of my mission

Set about to just observe

To be where I was,

Allow change to happen if it desired.

I walked,

Passing other early risers

I looked into their eyes

Smiled with love at every face.

I watched the change I inspired

As they smiled in return.

So small, so simple

A smile is,

Yet witness the reaction

When someone smiles

At another person.

A smile lights a person up.

That one smile could be enough

To turn around a tough day.

I realized maybe the biggest


Happens in the smallest ways.  


Survive Change


Survive Changes



Not much you can do

When they blow through


Unsettling and disrupting things.

It can be a total whirlwind.

Sometimes happy

Sometimes sad

Often a mixture of both,

All we can do is sit back

Let them wash over us

And hope we make it through.

That’s life

Continually hoping we survive the changes

Happening in, around and to us,

All while managing to

Feel as though

We are thriving in life

Rather than

Just surviving.

“Take it one moment

At a time,

Breathe, feel the sun

Find healing and joy when and where you can.

Let go of the rest,”

Is what I tell myself to make it all



We Change


We Change


In every moment we

Learn who we are

It changes with

Every breath we take.

We are changed by

Every breath we take.

All our searching

All our worrying

Comes down to dust

In the road

In the end.

But how to

Release the stress

Let go of certainty

Lean fully into faith?

There is no simple answer

No one solution

It’s a lifetimes work

To learn

To investigate

To be.

Change Happens In The End


Change Happens In The End


Change always happens in the end

You can’t escape it.

No matter how hard you try

Seasons roll into one another,

People grow older,

Daylight fades to night.

Lives are lived, then come to end.

Words get lost and wither away.

Childhoods become long past,

Homes empty, fill and empty out again.

Clothes grow old and worn.

You will lose and you will win,

You’ll laugh and cry.

The spinning will make you crazy,

While you wish desperately for it to stop.

Yearning for the turning to go away,

Leave you cozy and content

In the time you most enjoy.

Keep that for your dreams

While reality marches forward

Where you’ll change no matter

How hard you try to stay the same.

You’ll grow and learn and be affected

Like it or not.

So begin to accept.



A Moment to Change



A Moment to Change


One moment

Can change it all

One breathe,

One move

Can alter everything.

In a blur

What you thought


No longer is

And now it’s something new.

Wait and see

For life to spin

Wildly off any track

You try to place it on.

Plans move and change


As the sea


Is key.

Let go of what it means

Be with what is.

Joy turns to sadness to contentment

And a million emotions in between,

Ride the waves,

And look for the silver lining.

Difference We Make



Difference We Make


So often it’s invisible

The difference that we make

In the lives of those we

Come in contact with.

But then there are the moments

When you see

How just by being

You are making change.

Your kindness and compassion

Bleed onto everyone you touch.

An invisible blood

That leaves an unforgettable stain,

Inspiring others to spread

That same kindness and compassion.

Keep that in mind

As you walk through this life,

That your mere existence

Has the power to create change,

Make sure your presence

Exudes love and light

So positive energy can spread

Across the globe.

Time to Familiar



Time to Familiar


New places

Filled with new spaces.

All unknown to me.

Familiarities remind me

Of home,

But it’s all brand new.

Wandering and walking

The streets

Trying to figure out

All I need to know.

Strange faces

Stare out from windows

Off stoops and porches,

Questioning who I am.

What turns unfamiliar

To familiar


In the best circumstance

A small amount of time

Until the new spaces and places

Become intimately familiar

Until those faces

Smile warmly in greeting

Glad to know who I am.


Whenever I move to a new place I always wonder how long it will take for it to become familiar to me. When it will stop feeling new and start feeling normal. I realize there is no set amount of time, and that it tends to creep up on you.

What have you experienced in new situations?