Everybody Cries



Just don’t forget

It’s ok to cry,

To go to the places

That we all want to hide.

To feel the pain, the sorrow, the woe.

Just let it be

Remember it’s just an emotion

It’s not me, it’s not who I am.

Feel it and thank it and then let it go.

Give it a hug, send it some love

Then show it the door and help it to leave.

It won’t last forever and you’re in control.

Don’t fight the depression when it comes

Invite it in, and set the timer so it knows when to go.

Work with it, get dirty

Then wash it away,

In a nice warm shower at the end of the day.


We all have emotions, I think the best way to deal with them is head on. Feel what you feel and then let it go. Trying to avoid what you feel or pretend you don’t feel that way will only end up making you feel worse in the long run. This is the last part of Everybody Messes Up. I hope you enjoyed it!


What emotions do you have a hard time feeling?


A Crazy Moment



A Crazy Moment


It’s a moment

That I’m having,

Of momentary insanity.

My brain feels like it could

Fly away

With all the thoughts

All the emotions

Rattling around.

When settling down is

Extremely difficult.

Even when I am not thinking

It feels like thoughts are still

Rumbling around.

When my body feels like

It is moving even when I’m

Standing completely still.

Not a very comfortable moment

If I’m being honest.

I imagine

Scratching and clawing my way

Out of my own skin

Just to seek relief

In being free of this body

That in this moment feels like a prison

For a mind that is a prison

All of its own.


I think everyone has these kind of moments, where we feel crazy. Sometimes we just have to breathe into them and accept that sometimes we feel crazy. That there’s nothing wrong with us for feeling discombobulated and a bit crazy it’s normal.


What makes you feel crazy?

Out of the Depths



Out of the Depths


Out of the depths

Walks hand in hand

With fear

Clarity and peace.

Fused together

By bounds of experience

Created to be viewed

Moving towards the surface

Where we can see.

Bear witness to the figures

Rolling from the darkness

Towards another tomorrow.

Watch them as they move

Learn the movements

Discover what they’re all about.

These foreign and unknown

Emotions growing deep inside

Shifting, changing, moving

Becoming something new

As each moment passes.

My charge is to discover,

View without judgment

The emotions, I’ve thought

So long were me.

Learn all I can, until I can’t learn anymore,

The nuances of the emotions,

So I can be free of their control

Released from attachment the emotions

That help create and perpetuate the stories

Shaping my human life.

It’s time to change the stories,

Move into ones I love.


At some point I realized that emotions rarely come in one at a time, more often then not they come grouped together. Frequently not making sense, two opposing emotions present at the same time. The beauty, even in the uncomfortable emotions, is discovering what they are and how they feel and as much as possible. The more I can learn about my emotions the less control they have over me.


When do you find your emotions control you?

There Is A Moment



There Is a Moment


There is a moment

In the midst of all the

Pain, all the confusion,

In the midst of the

Sadness and despair

A moment of quiet

And calm.

Like the eye of the storm

It’s a place where

I realize and deeply know

That there is more than

These uncomfortable emotions.


What helps you realize that there is more than your emotions?

More than cardboard


More Than Cardboard


Twisted, mixed and turned around

I’m looking in the mirror

To see what really lies

There beyond my eyes.

I’ve become the cardboard

Cutout I place over my life,

Become the stories I create

To make sense of what I don’t understand.

Forget about accepting,

Being with what we don’t know

Exploring just for the adventure

Without needing to know.

Answers, while comforting

Remove all sense of wonder,

Maybe it’s not about the answers

It’s about the questions

How dirty I can get while

Searching in the muck

For inner light and truth.

Test out the waters

Even if their rough

To see just what it feels like

To be a part of all this stuff.

In the moments when I want to run

When the fear bubbles in my stomach

When I’d rather stuff and cover

It’s challenging to be inquisitive

And want to explore those emotions

As much as any other,

Just to see, have the experience.

I’ll have to try to keep moving forward.


Another technique I have found to be helpful in times when I am struggling is to investigate my troublesome emotions. Instead of getting stuck in them, to look at them as if I am an investigator trying to find out as much as possible. Get into them and really feel what it feels like to have this emotion. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I keep trying, and that’s what really matters!

What are some emotions you would investigate?