Too Much


Too Much


Did you ever feel

Too much?

I wake to feel

Another day

Intensity so great

I’ve no idea

How to get out of bed.

Doesn’t matter the


Joy, sadness

Equally consuming.

When it hits

It is completely

My whole world is colored

With the feeling.

No matter

How I try to fight, or to allow,

It takes over me.

I feel too much,

Too deeply,

But it is who I am

It is my sensitivity

Equally my blessing and my curse.


On the Window



On the Window


I see raindrops on the window

The rain must be coming down

Clouds grumble along

Casting shadows in the room.

I sit in patient waiting

For inspiration to hit me,

I’m left waiting

Patiently while music

Gently plays

In the background.

Life carries on as I write away the day

I look for understanding

For beauty and inspiration


All I find is life,

Not always inspiring.

Till I come down off the pedestal

I created for my creativity

To ride high with

Deeply moving beauty,

And walk barefoot

In the muddy waters

Of humanity

Finding motivation there.

Let go of inspiration

Dwell in present reality

And create from what I see.

I’ll move beyond the window

Look past the raindrops sitting there

Walk the streets below

To feel the raindrops

On my skin.


I’m going to be away on vacation for the next two weeks, and most likely I won’t have access to a computer so there will be a short lag in posts. Don’t worry I’ll be back posting again before you know it!

Everybody Cries



Just don’t forget

It’s ok to cry,

To go to the places

That we all want to hide.

To feel the pain, the sorrow, the woe.

Just let it be

Remember it’s just an emotion

It’s not me, it’s not who I am.

Feel it and thank it and then let it go.

Give it a hug, send it some love

Then show it the door and help it to leave.

It won’t last forever and you’re in control.

Don’t fight the depression when it comes

Invite it in, and set the timer so it knows when to go.

Work with it, get dirty

Then wash it away,

In a nice warm shower at the end of the day.


We all have emotions, I think the best way to deal with them is head on. Feel what you feel and then let it go. Trying to avoid what you feel or pretend you don’t feel that way will only end up making you feel worse in the long run. This is the last part of Everybody Messes Up. I hope you enjoyed it!


What emotions do you have a hard time feeling?

Feel Into It



Feel Into It


The best thing to do

When feeling overwhelmed

With any emotion

Is to sit with it,

To feel as deep into

It as you can.

To open that place inside

To really explore the emotion.

It’s slightly terrifying

To open yourself up so much

To feel so much,

 But you’ll be glad you did.

You’ll learn things you never

Knew and come away

With a little more

Clarity than you started with.


I usually give myself very good advice, I don’t always take it. But this is absolutely good advice, when I can sit with an emotion and allow it to happen, allow it to wash over me like a river, I feel so much better. The more time we spend fighting any kind of emotion the longer it persists. If we can surrender, it can move through and we can move on. I know this because it has worked in the past for me, that doesn’t make it any easier particularly with uncomfortable emotions I want to get rid of as quickly as possible but it does help.


What helps you feel your emotions?