Wild Horse


Wild Horse


Wild eyes peer out at me

Head shakes in anticipation,

His quiet eagerness

Fills me.

I look into those eyes

I’m lost for days

But find myself

In the depths

Of his wildness.

I climb up

And we ride

Fast and far.

We are free


Chains dropped

Flying across the earth.

Hooves pounding

Dust kicked up,

Leaving everything behind.

Freedom tastes delicious

Soaring with the wind.

Speed takes over

The mountains and trees

Blur together

All I see is us

Shooting beyond the troubles of the world.

Set loose

Just to be.


Shaking Free



Shaking Free


When things are tough

When I feel like I just can’t handle it

I have to move

I have to get deep into my body

Dance all my cares away.

Shake my head

To free myself from thoughts,

Fears that bring on tears.

Fling myself across the floor

Feel the beat in every

Inch of skin,

Sweat until it runs down

Like a river.

Move to focus

Move to breathe

Move to let go of everything

Move to connect with the innermost part

Of me.

Move to feel it all.

Shaking, swishing, winding

Down along the ground

Back to the primal


In touch with my body.

Shedding clothes as movement

Heats me up.

Till bare skin,

Damp with sweat meets the air

Creating breezes with each move.


Frees my soul

From the nagging ego mind

Chattering on day after day

Brings me to the center of me

The music reaching

Up into the depths

Touching parts never seen

Connecting to my core

Stirring emotions and joy.

Each song stripping away and

Nibbling through the barriers

The fronts my ego has put up,

In attempts at protection and safety,

Getting down to the raw

Honest true self,

I am. 



This is one picture I didn’t take, it’s courtesy of a good friend of mine, Csilla.

Walk Off



Walk Off


Each foot step

Sets free

All frustration

From me.

Breezes created by my movement

Carry away

Any aggravations of the day.

As I move, work and sweat

I feel all emotions slip away

Peaceful emptiness fills the void.

The earth refreshes me

And takes away my pain

Absorbing all the pent up


Beauty takes up the space

And I am restored

To calm.

Out of the Depths



Out of the Depths


Out of the depths

Walks hand in hand

With fear

Clarity and peace.

Fused together

By bounds of experience

Created to be viewed

Moving towards the surface

Where we can see.

Bear witness to the figures

Rolling from the darkness

Towards another tomorrow.

Watch them as they move

Learn the movements

Discover what they’re all about.

These foreign and unknown

Emotions growing deep inside

Shifting, changing, moving

Becoming something new

As each moment passes.

My charge is to discover,

View without judgment

The emotions, I’ve thought

So long were me.

Learn all I can, until I can’t learn anymore,

The nuances of the emotions,

So I can be free of their control

Released from attachment the emotions

That help create and perpetuate the stories

Shaping my human life.

It’s time to change the stories,

Move into ones I love.


At some point I realized that emotions rarely come in one at a time, more often then not they come grouped together. Frequently not making sense, two opposing emotions present at the same time. The beauty, even in the uncomfortable emotions, is discovering what they are and how they feel and as much as possible. The more I can learn about my emotions the less control they have over me.


When do you find your emotions control you?

Beyond the Polish



Beyond the Polish


They walk the streets,

Head held high

Staring with determination

At any who pass their gaze,

Pressed and polished,

With purpose to their next appointment.

Frozen in their resolve

A photo reveals

Underneath that amour

Behind their steeled eyes

Is more than what appears.


We are all frauds,

Putting on masks to show the world

Fearing our own

Humanity, our frailty

And our power.

Beneath the exterior

We are all crazed and frenzied with

Mismatched clothes and scattered hair

Dirt stains permanently smeared into the skin of our feet.

We are all joyously imperfect and unpolished.

We fear ourselves more than anything

So we paint and clean and change

To forget our own failings.


What if we were to celebrate our flaws

Honor our failings and let loose

From the civilized bindings

We created for ourselves?

What if we were free to be

Exactly as we are?


If we all took off our masks, let our true selves shine through the world would be a better place. If we could stop being afraid of our failings, our imperfections we all could truly fly and be happy. Sometimes I think we are all afraid if we show our failings to the world our worlds would end. Really it would allow us to be free to make the mistakes we need in order to learn and grow.


What masks do you wear?

Whispers to Free



Whispers You to Free


I’ll whisper

As I set you free,

Of all your greatness.

I’ll shine my light so all

Can see

The brilliance that you are.

I’ll gently blow until the embers light

And burst you into flame.

Standing by as you engulf the world

And shower it with love.

Cleanse each person

Of their fears

Instilling strength within.

I’ll be the hand that lifts you up

I’ll work behind the scenes

Refresh you when you’ve had enough

Fill you in between.

Let me be the one who lights you up,

Who whispers you to free.


This could be my spirit, the universe, a higher power talking to me, or me talking to another. It seems to be divinely inspired. So often when I write I have no idea where the words come from, or what really inspired it. This is absolutely one of those cases, where I don’t try to understand.


What would you whisper to someone to set them free??

Dancing to Delicious



Dancing to Delicious


Feathers twitch and reach in flight

Swirling high down from the sky.

Piano keys drum out a beat,

That reaches out to feet

Tempting out a dance.

Whirling up through legs,

Creeping all the way up to the heart

Infecting the blood,

Reaching every inch of body with

The music.

Making movement essential.

Dancing in the grass,

While the feathers fly around

Sunshine shimmers as I twirl

Warm air settles all around

Lulling me into a delicious state of being.


Dancing is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It is where I feel free, open and connected! Dancing makes life delicious in my opinion. It doesn’t matter how “good” of a dancer you are, dancing lets you be free and silly and have fun!


What makes you feel free?