Grateful Tears


Grateful Tears


Tears escape

From the corners

Of her eyes,

Trying to hold in

What’s too much to contain.

Gratitude overwhelms.

Without warning,

Without show

Droplets slide

Down her cheeks,

As she thanks

Those who helped

Bring her home.

As she shakes the hands

That took her house

And returned it as a home

After disaster and destruction

Ruined it.


Joyful Season



Joyful Season


Lights cover trees

Boxes and bags piled

Waiting for hands to tear and rip.

Savory smells waft through



Fill every chair.

It’s the holidays

And friends and families

Gather together

To share love and gratitude,

To spend time with each other.

It’s a time of love,

A time of gratitude.

And so often a time

Of rushing,

Of not enough time

And too much to do,

Of stress and chaos.

Until the moment

When the food is finished

We’re sitting around the table

Laughing together

When it all melts away

And the joy of the season

Finds its way into

Each heart.


Happy Holidays to all! May this time be a time of love, joy, peace and gratitude!

What’s Here Today



What’s Here Today


I find myself

Walking down the street

Head to the sky

Thinking how lucky I am

Filled with such gratitude

For nothing in particular

But for everything in equal measure.

 In awe at the brilliance of life

At the generosity of strangers

And at my good fortune.

Yet I wonder will it end,

Am I deserving?

I question whether I can take

Another step

Will I make it to the end?

Knowing full well

I will stumble

I will fall,

It all must one day end.

Yet in this moment

I am grateful for where I am

What may come

Tomorrow or the next

Cannot take away

From what is here today.


I love the days when I am just overflowing with gratitude for just about everything. Yet even in those moments I feel doubt trying to creep in. That’s when I look it in the eye and say not today. I breathe and just feel deeply into the gratitude.


When have you felt doubt about the good things?

Connected Steps



Connected Steps


Take a moment to look back

To see each event,

Every moment

Of my life

As a step along the way.

Pieces of a path that I couldn’t see

That have each served as

An integral part of the road.

Each event has provided exactly

What I needed even

If I didn’t know it at the time.

I realize in the looking back

That every experience even the tiniest one

Made it possible for me to

Be where I am right now.

In ways I never could have imagined,

Everything that has happened

Has allowed me to move forward in some way.

A job I thought I had

Gave me the courage to leave another,

A trip I needed to take introduced me

To worlds that filled my soul,

Friends that came and went

Taught me valuable lessons.

I can look back with such clarity

And see how every aspect of my life is


How the hard times led to the simple times

And right back around.

How chance meetings, changed everything

How timing is everything and

How what happens must be “perfect”

Merely because it is happening.

And if you stop and think for a moment

About all the millions of possibilities of what

Could happen compared to what actually happens

A sense of calm and order settles

Over me, because with all those options

How could the one that happened

Be wrong?

And that can be a very reassuring thought.

Of course it’s much easier to see

All of this

From a place of love, peace and contentment.

In the midst of hardship

It is much harder to see.

But maybe that’s the point.


It always fascinates me when I have a moment of clarity. When I can see so clearly how everything that has happened in my life has allowed me to be where I am, including the things I really didn’t like – that made me miserable. But I look at where I am and can feel such gratitude for those tough times. It really is a great feeling. One I wish I could keep all the time, but that doesn’t always work, so I enjoy it while I have it!

What does your clarity look like?


How is it all so serious?





How do you process

Something you don’t want

To be true.

How do you move through

The pain

Work with the grief

When the only tears

You manage to cry

Are silent tears

That leak without permission.

Because all you want

Is to cry with heaving

Body shaking

Heart wracking sobs,

But you know

That to let that happen

To open the box

Even a little


Be terrible.

To let tears fall

Would precipitate

The crumbling and breaking

Of you,

Of life as you know it.

How do you

Keep yourself together

When you’re really falling apart.

How can things be so horrible

So utterly dramatic

While the sun shines

And breezes blow,

While my body continues to breathe

While my arms and legs

Keep moving.

How can I look in the mirror

And see nothing different

Save maybe a sadness in the eyes.

How can it be so


And yet



I chose this poem today because there is something hauntingly beautiful about it. I wrote it at a time when I was really struggling. When I look back on things I have written in times of sadness and pain there usually seems to be this sad beauty. Now that I am in a better place it serves as a good reminder of how far I have come. To remember the pain, the sorrow allows me to feel an even greater sense of gratitude for what I have and where I am now. It also serves as a reminder that in the moment everything seems so serious and awful but with time it looses it’s seriousness. If I could remember that in a moment of pain I might suffer a little bit less. What helps you remain grateful?

I woke up, have you?



I Woke Up


I woke up

The sun is rising

Clouds decorate the sky

Creating dramatic color changes.


I woke up

I have places to go

I have things to do.

My family surrounds me.


I woke up

I am filled with love

Birds call out a morning greeting

The air smells fresh and cool.


I woke up

To another day

Yet this day

This moment feels different

I’m home but feel as though I’m miles

Away watching the sun rise alone on a mountain top

Filled with such peace and beauty

Completely overcome with a

Pure sense of gratitude

At the wonder of it all.


I woke up

And thought what a wonderful day

To be alive.

What an honor, what a gift

To be able to breathe

And witness all that is and will be life

Mine and all the lives around me.


I woke up

And I am grateful.


I wake up everyday, but so frequently I forget what a miracle-what a gift it is to wake up. On the days that I really wake up; to the beauty, the glory, the wonder of being alive it’s a precious thing. It’s so important to take a moment to remember how lucky we are to be alive, to recognize all the adventures and wonders we have been a part of. This can be difficult sometimes when we are feeling down or depressed, but that is when it is even more important to look for the miracles around you. It’s time for us to wake up to the wonders that surround us, instead of remaining asleep. What have you woken up to?