Heart Knows



Heart Knows


A warmth in my heart

Seeps and spreads

All the way from my fingers to my toes.

It’s the sign,

The signal telling me that

I know.

It’s the green light,

The nodding yes,

It tells me when something is right,

It doesn’t always make logical sense

But it’s my heart

And knows the truth.

She’s quiet yet persistent

Refusing to let me wander

Off the path or down

The wrong way.

Listening and following her lead

Isn’t always easy or

Sunshine and lemon drops

But it’s

The way I am most fulfilled,

The way I am most content.

So I spend my days

Honing my listening skills

To better hear

What she has to say.







Even among

The noisy crowds

I hear the whispers

Urging me forward

Telling me

It’s time to begin.

The heart knows,

Whispering along the way

Guiding towards a certain path

I’m much inclined to walk.

I stumble and I fall

Lose track of

Quiet whispers

Too busy with the crowd,

But my heart will never cease

Leading me back home.

How Much Love



How Much Love


How much love can a heart hold?

Can we ever know?

So quick to always ask

How much pain we can handle

But we can hold much more love.

Start each day feeling the love

That’s inside

Feel it, get to know it

See how much you can spread

Out to the universe throughout the day.

The elderly couple

Walking hand in hand down the street,

Send them love,

The angry lady in the car behind you

Beeping incessantly.

See if you can feel the love

Moving to them

And then feel how giving it away

Doesn’t diminish what you feel.

Like a smile

Or a piece of art,

Much better when given away.

To My Heart



To My Heart


It’s like Christmas

With all the lights

That twinkle and shine bright

All throughout the night.

Blinking for all to see

But really it’s just for you and me

To witness and to love.

To lead us

To each other

When we lose our way.

To bring us back together

At the end of every day.

Where we’ll meet and

Sit in silence

Getting back in sync.

You live in me and

Many times I lose touch

Of the quiet whispers

You breathe forth,

So I need to have reminders

Ways to come home to you.


When do you find your heart?

Hunger of the Heart



Hunger of the Heart


A hunger gnaws

At us,

From deep within

We know not

How to satiate it.

We look to food

To material things we can hold

Easily graspable.

Yet it carries on

Growing insistent and impatient

Clawing inside

A separate existence

Yearning for an ear

To understand.

We feel it in the depths

Of our hearts

Yet it never yells

Or screams to be heard

Like a small child it wait quietly

Unwilling to cause a ruckus.

Quiet and persistent

In its asking.

That hunger is our hearts

Longing for fulfillment,

 Passion, love, purpose.

Our souls hunger for meaning

Beyond what we can hold.

Some can ignore and quiet that hunger

Can believe it has been filled

With all the things.

Others cannot and are compelled

To listen

To follow the hunger of the heart.


Listening to what your heart wants can be a tricky thing and yet I have found it to be the most important thing in my life. My heart absolutely hungers and I need to try my best to listen and follow it’s yearning.

What does your heart hunger for?

Beyond and Underneath



Beyond and Underneath


Look beyond the tough exterior

Through the eyes

To hear the soft murmurs of

Each and every soul.

Hear the truth behind

The actions

The truth behind the angry words.

See each person as that and so much more.

We all long to be heard

We all need to know we’re good enough

We all seek praise and absolution.

Some need outside validation

Until they build it from within.

Be tender with your words

Spread kindness from your heart.

Leave no one out.

Listen to what lies underneath the surface and

The world will change before

Your very eyes.

We share vulnerability and pain

We share goodness and love,

Focus an open heart

On all that’s shared.


What have you discovered by listening beyond what people say?








A heart breaks a little every day

It’s a muscle

As it gets used

It tears a little every time.

Good thing it’s resilient,

The world is filled

With things

Enough to break a heart


Everywhere you look

Are situations that

Bring tears to delicate eyes

Controlled by a sensitive heart.

Not only the sad

But the heartwarming.

A heart can burst from

Pain and sadness

But can also burst

From intense joy, beauty and love.

Luckily for us

Each wound

Each tear

Makes for a stronger heart,

It’s a muscle you know.


I am frequently astounded by the capacity of the heart, of my heart. Not only by my capacity to survive hardship but the ability of my heart to expand in joyful situations. It seems that in either experience the heart is breaking, tearing either from pain or from expanding to hold more and both make for a stronger heart and a better me.

When have you felt your heart break?