To My Heart



To My Heart


It’s like Christmas

With all the lights

That twinkle and shine bright

All throughout the night.

Blinking for all to see

But really it’s just for you and me

To witness and to love.

To lead us

To each other

When we lose our way.

To bring us back together

At the end of every day.

Where we’ll meet and

Sit in silence

Getting back in sync.

You live in me and

Many times I lose touch

Of the quiet whispers

You breathe forth,

So I need to have reminders

Ways to come home to you.


When do you find your heart?


You Are Home



You Are Home


I fly the skies

All day

Exploring the world

Spreading my reach

To the ends of the earth.

But every day comes to an end

Night begins to fall.

When that happens

I make my way home

To you.

It doesn’t matter

Where you are

What building you’re in

What state,

Just only that you are.

Home is where my love is,

That is you.

All my wanderings

Terminate temporarily at you,

My heart sleeps soundly with you

I’d travel twice around the world

Just to find where you are.

You are home to me,

I’ll always be where you are,

Until my travels carry me afar

But I’ll always come back.


So here you can choose who it is that I am coming home to, another person or a deeper part of myself. Both are present, both are true, both apply. Coming home to yourself is a wonderful thing, it means that no matter where you are, you are home and that is a comforting thing.

When have you found someone to come home to?

Return to Vermont



Return to Vermont


                        A winding road

            Leads me back

                                    To a place

                                                I love.

A state whose mountains

            Are like coming home

                                                After being far away,

That wrap me in a warm embrace

            So full of love and joy at my return.

                                     The mountains of Vermont

Are a hushed

                        Land of magic and

            A deep motherly love.

All mountains have different

                                    Personalities and Vermont’s

                                                Is a warm grandmotherly presence

            Welcoming you home to relax

And rejuvenate after

                        All the exciting beauty of the world.

            Her beauty is hushed, understated and

Nothing to laugh at.

            She’ll hold you close, and heal your wounds

                                                While forcing you deeper

            Within yourself.

Are you ready?

                                                                        Follow the road.


I am in Vermont visiting family and loving life. There is something incredibly special about Vermont. It’s interesting to me coming back here after having been out west. There is something different about the mountains here, something a little more homey, a little more calm. Don’t get me wrong I am head over heels in love with the mountains out west, but coming to Vermont is something very special.


What are some places you love?





I am a traveler

Most at home

When I’m moving

Walking, flying driving

Anything that takes me

From one place to another.

Movement brings me joy

Yet, my desire

Is for hearth, one

Central location

To always come back to.

I want

A house to call a home

A stable life.

All the while

Winds call my name

Enticing me to jump

On board, sweep off somewhere new.

How do I live

With two opposing forces

Pulling me in opposite directions.

Caught between

Wind pulling me up and

Roots pulling me down,

Where I am is,

Left strung out in between

Pulled too thin

To really be.

Choosing one

Means losing the other

Neither feels complete.


How do you manage a desire to travel and a desire for home?

Bring You Home



Bring You Home


From where I sit

I can see your tears

As they fall in quiet desperation.

You’re there all alone

You’ve forgotten who you really are.

I’ll light a candle in the window

A flame to show you the way home,

The door will be unlocked

Waiting for you to walk through.

When you’re ready

When you’ve found your way back home

A cup of a tea,

A comphy chair,

A place to rest your weary bones,

Await your arrival.

You heart will be waiting

To fill you with love.


This came from an image that’s been rolling around my head of a little lost girl. I couldn’t get it out of my head until I started writing this. Guess it needed to be written.

What helps you find your way home?


An empty house



Empty House


Through broken panes a winter wind whispers

Of a past that’s long forgotten.

Crumbling steps and with winding vines

And leaves strew about the floor.

Hinges hang in awkward lines

Where paint has long since faded away.


A road barely visible among the forest floor

Leads to an empty home

Abandoned and forgotten.

Walls left only with memories

Of warm and roaring fires,

Parties late into the night,

Of joys and tears,

Of baby feet slapping on the floor,

Of lovers warm embraces after a separation,

Of struggles to survive the harsh winter months,

Of last breathes hushed into the night,

The smell of many meals singed into the wood

That no longer holds a purpose.


A home let uninhabited

Ceases to be a home

And weeps at its abandon.

Each wall sighs and bows with sadness

At the emptiness inside.

Longing for the day to have a home to hold.

This house will wait forever

Or until forever comes

To be filled with once again

A home in need of love.


Inspiration can stir me in a moment. There was just something about this abandoned building that inspired this poem. I just stumbled upon this building while hiking in Vermont and it wouldn’t leave my mind until I wrote this poem down.

What inspires you?