Hope we hold

With gentle hands

Giving always room to grow.

Hope for another day

For pain to

Easily wash away,

For joy to

Fill us every day,

For broken hearts to mend

For others never to be broken,

For health to keep us well

And healing of our sickness.

Hope lives in the


The breaths that keep us going.

We find hope in one another

In the grace

Of living

Another day.


Beginnings of Hope


Beginnings of Hope




It’s time

The adventure is starting,

I feel it in the shifting winds,

A spark, a rush

Of energy

Initiates the change,

It rolls down off the mountains

Sent from above,

Pregnant with hope and possibility,

The air is alive with excitement.

I’m standing on the edge

Arms open

Soaking up the feeling

Reveling in the moment,

The thrill mixed with fear

Just before the jump.

Beginnings, keep life interesting

And fill me

With inspiration for the future.


Right now I am right in the middle of all kinds of new beginnings so that is providing me with endless inspiration.  I also just moved and don’t have easy access to internet yet so there may be little lags between posts, unfortunately.


What do you enjoy most about new beginnings?

Trips End



Trips End


With mixed emotions a trip comes to an end

Days of wandering

Exploring the deep beauty of nature

Of laughing, joking, talking

With family and friends

Are over.           

Every trip, every drive,

Every travel excursion

Changes me.

I come home a different person

Than before I left.

I learn more of who I am

While learning more about the world

My eyes grow wide with wonder

At the beauty of the earth,

The beauty of the people

That live across the globe.

I feel my soul expand with

Every flight I take,

Every rock and tree I touch

Opens up my heart a little bit more.

By the time I drag myself home after

A red-eye flight I feel

So open, so whole,

So filled with gratitude and love

That my life before seems nothing more than

A distant memory.

Travel changes me,

It moves me,

Opens me,

Satisfies me in a brilliantly warm way.

The world, the earth, the people on it

Change me for the better.


So for the past three weeks I have been traveling out west. Enjoying Colorado, Yellowstone National Park and Oregon. It has been an amazing trip that has refreshed and filled me with hope and inspiration. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to post anything during that time but I am overjoyed to return with renewed fervor and motivation. This poem speaks of how it feels for me coming home after having been away for so long.


What have you learned from your travels, near and far?

Flames For Hope



Flames For Hope


In the darkness

The flames began.

Twisting, turning

Dancing in the breeze.

Underneath a summer moon

And by the firelight

A world was awakened

And brought to life.

The red-yellow-orange embers

Burning in time with the rhythm

Of the earth.

Drumming beats of

Open hearts

Filled with the flames

Of passionate desire

For hope.


What do you find in the flames?




Yes to life


A little voice whispers


Unsure at first

But growing louder

More confident

Yes, yes, yes!

A voice of truth

Of hope

Saying yes to life

Yes to love

To joy

To pain

To tears

To experiencing all life offers

Yes to music,

Yes to beauty,

Yes lessons and learning them

To the present

To hope

To laughter.


It isn’t until I heard


That I realized how long

I had been saying no.

How long I had been

Fighting against life

Wishing things were different,

Getting mired in the pain.


I heard yes

Whispered from the

Deepest truest piece of me.

I will spend eternity

Attempting to bring that


Out into the world

And live my life

With a great resounding



What can I say, sometimes I just want to say yes to life! Not always believe me, sometimes it is a struggle to say yes to life and accept all that comes with it. But when I feel that yes, and can say it aloud it is a wonderful, powerful, magical feeling. I couldn’t think of anything that says yes to life more than climbing a mountain(for me at least). Climbing isn’t easy, getting to the top can be hard, but if I say yes to all I encounter along the way I am greeted with a magnificent view when I get to the top and a feeling of accomplishment and wonder! In the end it’s all worth it.

What do you say yes to in your life?

Before we can begin



Before Beginnings


Every story begins

With a single word

A step that leads

Into the next

Begins every dance

One foot in front of the other

Takes you right out the door.

But what is it

That thing

Right before

The first word

First move

First step

That empty breath

That comes before

That streak of inspiration.

Which moves

Nothing into something

Silence into song

Stillness into dance.

Is it God or Goddess,

Is it Allah or Budha

Is it an Angel or a Muse

Is it Universal Energy or Brahma

Is it Spirit or Vishnu

Is it Waheguru or Acholi

Is it Embu or Baha

Is it Shiva or Gitche Manitou

Is it Love?

To what can we apply a name

When we do not

Fully know its being.

A name defines that

Which it names

So how then can we

Define the nameless.

What would happen if

We let it be

The space it holds

For creativity to blossom?

What if we left it outside of

Any box we thought we could create

To hold it in our minds

Which lacks the means to fully

Understand that which is beyond

Meaning found in words?

If it stayed un-named

Would poetry still be written

Would dances still emerge

Would roads still be traveled?

It cares not for names

For labels only limit


But at the same time

Words set us free

Keep us connected to each other.

It is only when

We see the limits we’ve

Created for ourselves

Out of words we think

Define in ultimate existence

That which we thought we were,

That we can move beyond

And stretch the meanings into something more.

To realize those limits

Were created from our

Own minds

So that is where the

Change begins.

Right back in our circle to the space


The silent pause

Before my brain begins

To make a change

To move the limits

Transform them into gates

Leading on to new places.

That space of possibility

Of endless hope

Which leads to everywhere

And is nowhere

Is a place without

While being completely



Before any kind of beginning there is always a space. A time right before things start where there is emptiness, which could be nothing or something. That space may be tiny and seemingly undetectable but it is there. In that space I find an emptiness that is really full of peace and calm. It is a time that is laden with opportunity and hope for whatever may be beginning.

What do you find in the space before beginning?


How is it all so serious?





How do you process

Something you don’t want

To be true.

How do you move through

The pain

Work with the grief

When the only tears

You manage to cry

Are silent tears

That leak without permission.

Because all you want

Is to cry with heaving

Body shaking

Heart wracking sobs,

But you know

That to let that happen

To open the box

Even a little


Be terrible.

To let tears fall

Would precipitate

The crumbling and breaking

Of you,

Of life as you know it.

How do you

Keep yourself together

When you’re really falling apart.

How can things be so horrible

So utterly dramatic

While the sun shines

And breezes blow,

While my body continues to breathe

While my arms and legs

Keep moving.

How can I look in the mirror

And see nothing different

Save maybe a sadness in the eyes.

How can it be so


And yet



I chose this poem today because there is something hauntingly beautiful about it. I wrote it at a time when I was really struggling. When I look back on things I have written in times of sadness and pain there usually seems to be this sad beauty. Now that I am in a better place it serves as a good reminder of how far I have come. To remember the pain, the sorrow allows me to feel an even greater sense of gratitude for what I have and where I am now. It also serves as a reminder that in the moment everything seems so serious and awful but with time it looses it’s seriousness. If I could remember that in a moment of pain I might suffer a little bit less. What helps you remain grateful?