Take Me


Take Me


Wonders abound

As music fills my soul

Lighting my imagination

To creation.

Sights and sounds

Bring me back to life

Wake me from this slumber

Take me

Far from here.

To witness daybreak

And count the stars

Forget this lonely existence

Give away this repetition.

Fly me to the moon

Sink me in the milky way,

As I skate between the clouds

Whipping up storms below.

Take me where

I’ll spend my days

Dancing to my heartbeat

Moved from deep within

To graceful expression.






Doubts weigh heavy

On a mind.

Thoughts and worries


Crouched to the ground

Attempting to makes sense of it all.

Burdened with what could be

Bent in desperation

Closer to the ground

To center and gain a hold on life again.

A body wilted and folded

Weary from the emotional exhaustion

Of the day.


This one has been rolling around in my head for a while. It’s inspired by the picture, it’s a sculpture at The Grounds For Sculpture in Trenton NJ.

What art has inspired you?

Something Right



Something Right


When I wake up every morning

Excited for another day

I know I’m doing something right.

When I get home from work

Exhilarated and filled with joy

I know I’ve found something special.

To love the work you do

To cherish every day

And wait with excitement for another day

Is what it’s all about.

For gratitude and laughter to pepper

Daily existence,

To meet and connect with people

To feel love flowing in, out and through you

In the work you do

Means something incredible.

I am grateful to the moon and back

For what I get to do

For who I get to meet

And the good I see around me.


This is life right now for me. My work inspires me every day and I am so grateful for the opportunity.


What kind of work inspires you?






Human connection

Lifts me up,

A room full of people that I

Care about

Fills me with such excitement.

Warmth settles in my soul

Opening myself to these people

Around me.

Longing to be a better person

To be worthy of such company.

Inspired by their kindness

Generosity and honesty.

I am lifted in myself

More confident and capable

Surrounded by so much love.

This is what life is all about,

Connection real and deep

With another

To share, to collaborate,

Just to be

Is what I am here to do.

Connections set the tone,

Help propel me forward and keep me afloat.

Including connection to myself

And the natural world.

Without connecting to myself

I can’t hope to ever connect with one beyond me.

People, love

Make life worth it,

Make the tough times bearable.


I have been so incredibly fortunate the last month that I have met and made connections with so many amazing people. They inspired this poem.


Who has inspired you?

My Place Is With the Wind


My Place Is With the Wind


My place in the wind

Is front of the line.

Dancing through grasses

Whipping up ferocious seas

Howling down mountain tops

Racing past reddened faces

Shooting over bridges

Whistling around buildings.

My place is with the wind

Covering the world,

Witness to the actions

Privy to secrets

Whispered in the night.

I fly high above

But pay a close watch to the happenings.

I have the power to

Wake the sleeping

Spur on the fearful to rise

I’ll strengthen any fire

Light the world aflame

With beauty and compassion.


I love the wind, it makes me feel like I’m flying even if I’m standing on the ground. There is something special and powerful about the wind.

What do you like about the wind?

Growing in Creating


Growing in Creating

I watch my soul

As I begin to grow,

To learn and see the world


The lens of love.

It paints brilliant

Colors while I wander

Across the great expanses.

I lift my heart up to the sky

And ask to be upheld

As I leap

With sheer abandon

To the depths below.

I land with softest feet

Upon a soft and mossy knoll

Where the universe awaits

My coming,

To co-create a world

In which my life makes sense.

To build from broken rubble

A home

For all to dwell

In peace and sweet surrender

To the great mother.

We’ll work in love together

To make that which

Is not yet known

To craft and to create

Wonders never seen

And bring them forth

Into the world to share

With company.

I’ve been feeling so inspired lately to create, it’s a wonderful feeling! There’s such a sense of connectedness to nature and the creating that happens there everyday. So this poem came out of all that feeling of peace and calm that has been washing over me lately!

What inspires you?

Live Love Now



Live Love Now


Live the life you love


Don’t live so you have the life you

Love tomorrow,

Don’t wait for the life you love

To happen.

Go out and make the life you have

One that you love.

Find the things you love and

Throw yourself headfirst into them

And watch as they blossom and grow and

Soon you are living the life you love.

It isn’t amount tomorrow, or an hour from now

Or a second from now.

It is about now.

It is about the love that already exists

That is waiting for you to see it,

Accept it, embrace it and let it in.

Live that love


It’s waiting for you.


A beautiful day inspires love like nothing else. Today was beautiful, now I’m feeling inspired and filled with love.

What fills you with love?