The journey


The Journey

A journey worth

A lifetime

Is the one into myself.

A discovery of who I am

What I am made of

Where I belong

What I have to offer.

An adventure to

A place of love

A place where passion

And drive meet to create

Extraordinary things.

A voyage across

Many seas of misinformation

Of despair and dissatisfaction

To the seas of wonder and acceptance

Of love, contentment and peace.

A trip inside myself

Through all the outward problems

Challenges and successes

To the deepest part of my being.

A place ever present and

Consistently filled with love.

Beyond the outward appearances and


To the strong foundation that sits

At my core,

Calmly waiting for me to settle there.

I am on this journey to myself. It can be a tricky journey, one in which I encounter fears and sadness. But I also encounter and am filled with great love and joy. It’s always an adventure learning about myself. When I can let go and not take it so seriously that’s when miracles happen.

What does your journey look like?


Made for me



Made for Me


I know for sure

I was made for me

Just so I could be.

To experience the joy and fascination

That come with being alive.

To breathe deeply,

Feel as oxygen enters my body.

I wasn’t made for you,

For any one other than me.

I was made to live,

To love, to feel, to see.

To become all that I desire,

To bear witness to this earth

And all it has to share.

To take part in humanity.

I was made to learn

What it really means

To truly be me.

Who I am body, heart and soul.

To find my truth

And find it again every single day,

And to redefine it as is fitting.


The greatest journey is to myself. An adventure of discovery – who I really am, what my purpose is. That’s what this is all really about, figuring out who I am and what I’m meant to share with this planet. It’s scary looking into my soul to see what’s there but once I glimpse it, I am calmed and free.

What journey are you on?

My Hearts

Why hello blog universe! As I begin this journey, and begin to share the way my hearts see the world let me give a little context.

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. Just take a look in my closet and my attic, the stacks of notebooks filled with my handwriting will attest to my being a writer. But I’ve been a closeted writer so to speak. Hundreds of poems that I have written lay behind closed doors waiting to be set free to reach whomever feels drawn to them. I am finally ready to take them off the shelves, out of the closet and set them free – abreast on the wind to reach all who need to hear what I have to say. I am finally ready to wholly accept myself as a writer without needing any validation beyond the words that I put to paper. So I begin the process of unveiling my poetry here.

My poetry ranges in topics from nature, to dreams, to word play, to my daily life. Each poem comes from my heart. But I have two hearts – no I’m not a medical mystery – I mean I have a physical heart, one that pumps blood throughout my body, as well as another that pumps love throughout my body. Think of it as another way of talking about body and spirit from a standpoint of love as the foundation. All of my poetry comes from these two hearts, sometimes they are based more physically others more emotionally but both are equally important and valid.

May this blog, may my poetry, may my voice bring light and love to those who take a moment to step into my hearts.