Without Regrets


Without Regrets


I don’t want to wake up

One day

Wondering what might have been.

I’ll live today as if it’s my last.

I want to laugh until it hurts

Love more than humanly possible.

Stick my toes in warm waters

Jump just to feel the wind beneath me,

Smile at everyone I see,

Feel the sun against my skin

Let gratitude rule my days.

Dance and skip and sing

I want to be silly

Just because it lightens up my days

I want to break free of barriers to joy,

To do work I love

That makes a difference in the world.

Allow nature to heal me as much as it can,

Sit with trees and really smell the flowers.

Never take for granted what’s

In front of me right now

Because tomorrow isn’t


I never know when I

Won’t be able

To do the things I want.

So I’ll feel gratitude for every day

Tell people that I care,

Live without regrets.


Survive Change


Survive Changes



Not much you can do

When they blow through


Unsettling and disrupting things.

It can be a total whirlwind.

Sometimes happy

Sometimes sad

Often a mixture of both,

All we can do is sit back

Let them wash over us

And hope we make it through.

That’s life

Continually hoping we survive the changes

Happening in, around and to us,

All while managing to

Feel as though

We are thriving in life

Rather than

Just surviving.

“Take it one moment

At a time,

Breathe, feel the sun

Find healing and joy when and where you can.

Let go of the rest,”

Is what I tell myself to make it all



We Are


We Are


We are the broken

The fallen,

Stumbling through

A life uncertain.


We are the forgotten

Unable to remember

All we really are.


We are the light

Shining through our


Burning through our faults.


We are the hope

The possibility for change

Towards a brighter tomorrow.


Our brokenness, our forgotten-ness

Our light, our hope

Exist in perfect harmony

Creating a brilliant specimen

Of humanity

If only we could see


Ourselves as we are

Beautifully flawed humans

Here to marinate in the

Sheer joy of being alive.

Joyful Season



Joyful Season


Lights cover trees

Boxes and bags piled

Waiting for hands to tear and rip.

Savory smells waft through



Fill every chair.

It’s the holidays

And friends and families

Gather together

To share love and gratitude,

To spend time with each other.

It’s a time of love,

A time of gratitude.

And so often a time

Of rushing,

Of not enough time

And too much to do,

Of stress and chaos.

Until the moment

When the food is finished

We’re sitting around the table

Laughing together

When it all melts away

And the joy of the season

Finds its way into

Each heart.


Happy Holidays to all! May this time be a time of love, joy, peace and gratitude!

Snowy Glee


Snowy Glee

Snowflakes fall

Gently swirling,

Sending thrills

Through me.

I walk arms wide open

Filling myself with the joy

Of the first snow.

A smile spreads across my face

I’ll spin with joyful


Allowing the glee

To flow in around and out of me.

A beautiful thing to

Be so free

To feel so happy.

I’ll keep this feeling tucked away

For the next rainy day.

I’ll enjoy it now

Revel in its glory

Share it with any and all.

Beautiful Feeling



Beautiful Feeling


A happiness so complete

Touching every piece of life

Right now,

Flying above the world

During a breathtaking sunset.

Filled with warmth and love.

Spinning on a top

So joyful but

Wobbling on a tiny spindle

Just managing to stay up.

A breath of fresh air

After many stale days

And I am open to the sun,

Basking in the glory and warmth

Letting go into

The joy and love.

A beautiful feeling.

Ordinary and Great



Ordinary and Great


It’s just another day

Ordinary and plain

Not so different from any other day.

I wake up and nothing particularly

Special happens

It’s routine

As usual.

But the ordinary sun

Shines on my skin

Warming me

Like every other sunny day

But today it’s special

Just because it is.

The ordinariness of today

Is precisely what makes

It a brilliantly wonderful day.

Gratitude on having another day

Is all I need to make it a great day.

No extreme adventures

For me today,

Nothing extra-special

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Just the traditional, ordinary


And it’s great.


It’s easy to find joy in exciting events that happen now and then, but finding happiness in the mundane day-to-day can be challenging. However, finding joy in the ordinary happenings of daily life allows you to find joy every day and who doesn’t want that?

What ordinary things bring you joy?