People, Connection, Love


People, Connection, Love


My business is people

My purpose is connection

My passion is love.

I’ll walk

The world

Searching for

Ways to combine

Business, purpose and passion

In concrete ways.

I long to forge connections

With the people of the world,

To show love and true compassion

To be one with the masses

The people

High and low.

Recognize myself in every

Face I meet.

To love the ones

Who make me work to love them

Just as I love the ones

Where love automatically flows.

It’s not meant to be easy

Loving kindness can be hard

Stress inducing

But worth it in the end and

Even in the middle.

It’s why I am here,

It’s what I’m

About to find out.


Loneliness Subsides



Loneliness Subsides



Looking all alone

Waiting for one who never came.

Huddled against the wind

Against the many years of life

Against the sadness of the situation.

Watching as cars drive by

As people pass

With eyes that jump right over,

Ignoring the lonely

Woman sitting on her

Walker in the cold.

One moment,

One single instance of kindness

Makes the difference

One person

To stop and ask

“If you’re ok”

To change it all.

All it took was a phone

A call to get a ride

And the loneliness subsides

For a moment.

Difference We Make



Difference We Make


So often it’s invisible

The difference that we make

In the lives of those we

Come in contact with.

But then there are the moments

When you see

How just by being

You are making change.

Your kindness and compassion

Bleed onto everyone you touch.

An invisible blood

That leaves an unforgettable stain,

Inspiring others to spread

That same kindness and compassion.

Keep that in mind

As you walk through this life,

That your mere existence

Has the power to create change,

Make sure your presence

Exudes love and light

So positive energy can spread

Across the globe.

Forget Regrets


Forget Regrets

Forget regrets

Let’s live right now

With open hearts

With ready hands.

Each finger grasps another

To pull each other up.

Kindness is the answer,

One you’ll never regret.

It changes worlds one moment at a time,

A smile leads to peace

For the whole world over.

Love is what you will remember

Love you’ll never forget,

The man who held the door

One terrible rainy day,

The woman who shared her taxi

When you were running out of time,

The man who took a moment

And looked you in the eye

When you felt invisible,

These are the moments

That make up our lives.

Forget regrets

Live kindness now,

Live love now,

Live now.

Because tomorrow isn’t

Here yet

And it’s never guaranteed.

This poem was inspired after I read a fabulous commencement speech  by George Saunders about kindness. It is truly a wonderful speech that I highly recommend.

When were you on the receiving end of kindness?