Seasonal Journey



Seasonal Journey


With the falling of the leaves

So too the joys of summer

Fall to the ground,

Soon to be replaced by winter wonders.

The seasons pull us along for a ride

Ready or not

Bringing all sorts of emotions

And experiences

To our plate

Whether we want them or not.

We can’t control the seasons,

Nor the warm summer rain

Or frigid winter snows

We can only let go of yesterday

Be in today

Accepting whatever

Mother nature throws our way

Preferably with open arms,

It makes for a more pleasant journey.


Allowing Life



Allowing Life


Life rolls on in waves

Rippling down the river

Reaching always towards the sea.

There are moments

When you need to swim,

To get around the current

There are moments when

You need to let go

And let yourself be carried along.

Sometimes you need to think

Which part of the stream you’ll follow

Others you need to release all thoughts

And just be carried along.

There’s light and dark along the way,

You need to muddle through it all.

It’s an adventurous path,

Traveling with your heart.

There will come a time

When you can not have the answers

No matter how you try

There will be things you do not know

Accepting and allowing this

Not knowing to be

Is incredibly an important lesson in this life.

Really you will know in other ways

All that you need to know.

I thought I made plans!



Broken Plans


Broken plans

Like broken trees lay scattered

All around.

Scribbled calendar days,

One appointment after the other

Cancelled, rescheduled, added.

A life of never really knowing

What each day will bring.

Schedules become a thing of the past,

When every day is spent figuring out

What the next hour will hold.


It is surprisingly freeing,

To always be on my toes.

To think and be creative when

Things don’t quite work out.

To work in a world where

Schedules rest not in boxes but

Bubbles that allow

Movement through.


It is a huge lesson

In letting go,

In realizing that nothing is ever

Set in stone.

That changes can and always happen,

And it will all still be OK.


I thought I made plans but the universe had a different idea. Today has been one of those days where everything I scheduled, everything I planned got turned around and changed completely. Now to some degree that is expected, but today was particularly full of unexpected hiccups. I have to say I am happily surprised at how well I handled it, how as they came all the hiccups just rolled right off without a second thought. One deep breath after another kept me calm and steady. Which is not always easy for me. I couldn’t help but think about how much time, schedules and plans are fluid, and ever changing no matter how hard we try to nail them down. That the only thing we can be sure of is that change will happen. How do you handle change?