Silent Reflection


Silent Reflection

Reaching to her reflection

She searches for the answers

Identity, purpose

The big ones.

Looking over every inch of

Herself in the mirror

Trying to make sense

Of all that happens,

To put together

A puzzle with pieces

Not yet created.

Her reflection is silent

It offers no answers

No clues,

Only what she is

Exactly as she is

In that moment

For her interpretation.

So often I find myself looking for answers, attempting to make life make sense. I also recognize that often there are no straight answers and things don’t make sense the way I would like them to. I find it to be very helpful to just accept things as they are without thinking too much about them. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if I did that all the time! None-the-less letting go of the need to know, the need for answers and for things to line up perfectly can lead to a much less stressful life.


What helps you accept things as they are?