Forgotten Pieces


Forgotten Pieces


Life sweeps me up sometimes

In beautiful and wonderful ways

Yet in the sweeping

Frequently dust will rise,

Leaving things once clear

A little fuzzy.

It all becomes a blur

As events just rush on by,

Each day runs into the next

And I’ve forgotten pieces of

Who I am.

A constant struggle between

The piece of myself

Which has control and comes to the forefront

Depends on circumstances of the day.

I love them all and miss when they

Take a back seat.

I long for the day

Where I can have them

Together front and center.

The pendulum has to swing out wide

Many times before settling in the middle,

So I’ll wait in patience

As I swing in opposite directions

Until the swings begin to shorten and slow

Landing me centered and grounded.


A Break



A Break


We accept

We love

We work on ourselves

Practice peace and forgiveness

Aspire to spiritual oneness.

We easily forget

The human aspect.

Spirit having a

Human experience.

It’s all about the messy

Base elements of humanity.

We have bodies

And minds that need tending.

With a human existence

Comes discomfort,

Limitation, frustration.

Even in moments of joy

And being in the flow

We can desire

For it to be paused,

To take a break from

This existence.

Black and White



Black and White


You see everything as

Black and white

Sharp lines and

Permanent solutions,

Paths that run

In straight lines

To predetermined futures

Made of priorities set in stone.

I understand the safety

That perspective provides,

The feeling of things making sense

Things being in control.

To only ever see in black and white

Means missing out on a whole

World of breath-taking colors..

No matter how hard we try

The path of life is never straight

To only see one road

Is limiting,

Why on earth would any one

Want to limit their experience

On this planet?

Why walk a straight road

When you could twist and turn and follow

A river?

Why look through blinders

When there’s huge expanses to see?

Why walk

When flight is available?

Fear, comfort, contentment at the way things are.

All understandable,

But not for me,

I’ll create a path where none existed

One that twists and winds

Circles back on itself

But I know with a trust deeper than the ocean

That it will bring me where I need to be

It will bring me home

To my heart

To myself

To my very own joy.



Everyone has different ways of viewing the world, different priorities. I think the most important thing is to realize that and allow people their views without judging them for it. Not always an easy thing! I tend to be very open in my views and make a concerted effort not to judge people that have different view from me. That gets tough when I’m dealing with people that are so rigid in their thinking, but I try and that’s what counts right? Even when I don’t agree with people I try to send them loving kindness anyway.

Life Music



Life Music


Laying on the cold floor

Limbs sprawled

To feel the beating

Of the music.

Tiny micro-movements

Because it’s near impossible

To stay completely still

While music plays.

Music is air for my soul

Essential to life.

Without it I wither, fade away

Become a shadow of a person.

If you were to tap my veins

Music would come pouring out

Tiny notes attached to my very DNA.

I am made to move

To dance

To live inside the music

As it lives in me.

I am made to feel the music

In my very depths

It reaches and pulls me out

Closed eyes, show lids


With movements,

With dancers

And colors and swirling and twirling

Jumping and dipping,

Life is a giant improvisational dance

Every movement

Connects and becomes part of the choreography.

I see everything as a dance

Soundtracks constantly play through my head.


I saw Kenney Chesney in concert last night and the whole time I was choreographing in my head and letting the music fill me up. Thinking about the music, and how much it affects me and how I love it and dancing is what lead to this post.

What do you like most about music?

Pebble Way



Pebble Way


Tiny pebbles

Make up the way.

Each little one

Placed in its spot

To help uphold

My heart.

A foundation

Of little pieces

That without one

Would crumble and fall,

But together create a net

Stronger than steel and

Softer than feathers.

Like every drop

Makes up the ocean,

Every pebble

Makes up my way.

Every whisper makes

Up my soul.

Till I am filled beyond compare

With love.


I am amazed when I can so clearly see how every moment in my life has lead to where I am now, in ways I could never have imagined. Lately this theme keeps coming up so I keep writing about it.

When do you see the pebbles in your life?

Connected Steps



Connected Steps


Take a moment to look back

To see each event,

Every moment

Of my life

As a step along the way.

Pieces of a path that I couldn’t see

That have each served as

An integral part of the road.

Each event has provided exactly

What I needed even

If I didn’t know it at the time.

I realize in the looking back

That every experience even the tiniest one

Made it possible for me to

Be where I am right now.

In ways I never could have imagined,

Everything that has happened

Has allowed me to move forward in some way.

A job I thought I had

Gave me the courage to leave another,

A trip I needed to take introduced me

To worlds that filled my soul,

Friends that came and went

Taught me valuable lessons.

I can look back with such clarity

And see how every aspect of my life is


How the hard times led to the simple times

And right back around.

How chance meetings, changed everything

How timing is everything and

How what happens must be “perfect”

Merely because it is happening.

And if you stop and think for a moment

About all the millions of possibilities of what

Could happen compared to what actually happens

A sense of calm and order settles

Over me, because with all those options

How could the one that happened

Be wrong?

And that can be a very reassuring thought.

Of course it’s much easier to see

All of this

From a place of love, peace and contentment.

In the midst of hardship

It is much harder to see.

But maybe that’s the point.


It always fascinates me when I have a moment of clarity. When I can see so clearly how everything that has happened in my life has allowed me to be where I am, including the things I really didn’t like – that made me miserable. But I look at where I am and can feel such gratitude for those tough times. It really is a great feeling. One I wish I could keep all the time, but that doesn’t always work, so I enjoy it while I have it!

What does your clarity look like?


Within Me



Within Me


I walked through the valley

Through fields of lilies

With my head bent in

Absolute surrender.

I reached the edge,

The pinnacle of all I could take

The fear and anguish

Had become too great

For me to bear.

I let them go,

Dropped them off the nearest cliff,

Walked down into the valley

I fell to my knees

Weeping at the beauty of it all

Combined with the loss,

Of who I thought I was

Of all I thought I lost.

Only to find

The wonder each breath holds

The magic that makes me

Resides in all of you

And lives in every part of this

Divine universe.

I discovered that what I had been

Searching for

Was in me all along.


I needed this reminder today. That who I really am does always exist inside of me even if I don’t always remember.