To Live



To Live


To live

We must

Put one foot in front of the other.

To walk out the door,

Breathe in fresh air,

Move about the world.

To be open

To see, hear, smell

To feel what life is like

On the outside.

Let go of all fears

Release into the possibilities


That flow out before us.

Welcome what we never knew

We didn’t know.

Accept all of the craziness of this

Earth where we all live.

To live

We must


More than we thought we could,

We must



And feel


To live we must be

In and of the world.


The Place Between



The Place Between


Somewhere the river meets the sea,

Bringing me home to me.

Breathing life into my body

Weary from the flight my soul


Floating just to feel

Weightless, if only for a moment

To be free of the heavy weight

Bearing down

Pulling me through to the other side.

Falling indefinitely, forever.

To be buoyed up

Dispersed into the wind,

Carried beyond the reaches.

To a place where nothing matters

Only most important things stand true,

Life is lived to breathe

For nothing more and nothing less. 


What do you find in the place between?

Life Doesn’t Wait




Life Doesn’t Wait


We run through hoops

Jump over walls

Continuously moving, fighting

Working towards the next best

Always waiting for tomorrow

To be better,

To get that new thing, more money

Bigger, better, more.

Life waits for no man

Though man frequently waits to live.

A life lived in waiting

Is no life lived,

Rather a life waited.

Eventually the day will come when

Breath no longer comes.

Make each day until then count

Live not with reckless abandon

But with loving surrender.

With joy and pleasure every day.


Remembering that we all will someday leave the bodies we now inhabit can be a good reminder to go out and live the way we want to instead of waiting for the life we want.

What would you do to live your life to the fullest?




Yes to life


A little voice whispers


Unsure at first

But growing louder

More confident

Yes, yes, yes!

A voice of truth

Of hope

Saying yes to life

Yes to love

To joy

To pain

To tears

To experiencing all life offers

Yes to music,

Yes to beauty,

Yes lessons and learning them

To the present

To hope

To laughter.


It isn’t until I heard


That I realized how long

I had been saying no.

How long I had been

Fighting against life

Wishing things were different,

Getting mired in the pain.


I heard yes

Whispered from the

Deepest truest piece of me.

I will spend eternity

Attempting to bring that


Out into the world

And live my life

With a great resounding



What can I say, sometimes I just want to say yes to life! Not always believe me, sometimes it is a struggle to say yes to life and accept all that comes with it. But when I feel that yes, and can say it aloud it is a wonderful, powerful, magical feeling. I couldn’t think of anything that says yes to life more than climbing a mountain(for me at least). Climbing isn’t easy, getting to the top can be hard, but if I say yes to all I encounter along the way I am greeted with a magnificent view when I get to the top and a feeling of accomplishment and wonder! In the end it’s all worth it.

What do you say yes to in your life?