Lot of Love


Lot of Love


Love can pull you

Off the ledge,

From the darkest places within yourself

Bringing you back to yourself,

To the light.

To put aside your pain,

Set down for a moment

All the self involvement

To acknowledge and share love

With those around you

Is the greatest gift you can give.

Remember the love

That lives within,

Not only for others

But for you.

Combine self love with

Love for others and

That’s a powerful

Lot of love.


Take Me


Take Me


Wonders abound

As music fills my soul

Lighting my imagination

To creation.

Sights and sounds

Bring me back to life

Wake me from this slumber

Take me

Far from here.

To witness daybreak

And count the stars

Forget this lonely existence

Give away this repetition.

Fly me to the moon

Sink me in the milky way,

As I skate between the clouds

Whipping up storms below.

Take me where

I’ll spend my days

Dancing to my heartbeat

Moved from deep within

To graceful expression.

Universal Need


Universal Need


We breathe

We eat

We live.

We are creatures of habit

And creatures of worry.

In our humanness

We all worry

That we are not enough.

Love is a universal need,

We all look for it

Maybe in unlikely places

Or places where it will never come

But we look

We hope

We desire


To know we are loved,

To know we have a purpose

That our lives mean more

Than the waking

The working

The eating

The sleeping.

That when we’re gone

Our lives meant something

In this world.

Joyful Season



Joyful Season


Lights cover trees

Boxes and bags piled

Waiting for hands to tear and rip.

Savory smells waft through



Fill every chair.

It’s the holidays

And friends and families

Gather together

To share love and gratitude,

To spend time with each other.

It’s a time of love,

A time of gratitude.

And so often a time

Of rushing,

Of not enough time

And too much to do,

Of stress and chaos.

Until the moment

When the food is finished

We’re sitting around the table

Laughing together

When it all melts away

And the joy of the season

Finds its way into

Each heart.


Happy Holidays to all! May this time be a time of love, joy, peace and gratitude!

Who Will



Who Will?


Celebrate yourself

I’ve heard it said,

Give thanks for all you’ve


Self-love and all.

Not an easy prescription,

It’s so much easier

To self-loathe,

To berate

For mistakes and slips,

To wallow in self-pity

And forget

My goodness.

With time and age

I learn everyday

If I can’t,

If I don’t celebrate myself

Who will?

If I don’t show gratitude

To myself,

Honoring the work I’ve done,

And how far I’ve come

Why would anyone else?

It’s good to ask myself

Would I treat my dearest friend

This way?

If the answer is no

Time to change the tune.

People, Connection, Love


People, Connection, Love


My business is people

My purpose is connection

My passion is love.

I’ll walk

The world

Searching for

Ways to combine

Business, purpose and passion

In concrete ways.

I long to forge connections

With the people of the world,

To show love and true compassion

To be one with the masses

The people

High and low.

Recognize myself in every

Face I meet.

To love the ones

Who make me work to love them

Just as I love the ones

Where love automatically flows.

It’s not meant to be easy

Loving kindness can be hard

Stress inducing

But worth it in the end and

Even in the middle.

It’s why I am here,

It’s what I’m

About to find out.






Look into the eyes

Past the pretty face

The fancy clothes,

What do you see?


Sadness, immeasurably deep pain

Wilting, crying to be heard

In silence under a

Joyful countenance.


Look into the eyes

Past the dirty face

The ripped and torn clothes


What do you see?


Lost hope

Resigned to a fate of less

Acceptance of never enough

Mixed with a tiny tinder of possibility for more.


Look into the eyes

Hazy and glazed

Slumped in a corner

What do you see?



Constant attempts at forgetting

Every pain,

To live in a foggy high.


Look into the eyes

Staring back at you

From the mirror

What do you see?


The same pain,

Questioning and vulnerability

Same wanting to forget.


Look into the eyes

Without being afraid to see

The pain that lives behind.


Look a little further

Past the pain

Past the sorrow

Past the repeated forgetting


See the possibility

The beauty

The love

That lives inside us all

Waiting to be awakened.


See what each set of eyes

Has to teach,

How can you learn?


Reach out and touch

Another person,

Because we all share

In our humanness

Possibility for

Sorrow and

Possibility for


Possibility for