Magic Exists


Magic Exists


A shimmer on the water,

A twinkle of sunlight in the trees,

Sweet songs carried on a breeze,

Hummingbirds dancing on the wind,

I find magic does exist

In the tiny moments.

I take a moment

Just to be

Just to see

What happens all around me,

Everything has a certain sparkle

Love touches everything.

The mysterious magic of nature

Fills me with wonder.

I turn around to find magic

In another,

In footsteps on the ground,

A smile from a stranger,

A hug from a friend,

A kiss from a lover,

A handshake in an introduction,

As we meet and connect with one another.

Magic lies in the little things,

Which really are the big things

That make it all worth while.


Magic in the Snow



Magic in the Snow


White frosting covers

All I can see.

Dusting over

Buildings and trees

Cars and pedestrians alike.

All equal under the falling snow

None can escape its

Wintry grip.

But it’s soft and warm

As it gently falls beyond the window pane.

In the morning

When the clouds have cleared

Leaving a brilliantly crisp


We shall bask in the wonder and

Glory of the winter wonderland

Our neighborhoods have become.

Even the air holds a certain magic

This time of year.

Things happen in the snow,

Twinkles appear

In the eyes of the hardest hearts,

We all become childlike as we scoop

Up balls of snow

To toss around.

Each snowflake kisses with good luck,

Bringing things you wished

For to reality.

It’s the magic in the snow

That makes dreams come true.

Bridge Lights



Bridge Lights


In the early morning

In the hours

When the sun

Hasn’t yet reached its

Place in the sky

The bridge lights

Paint a pretty picture

Against the growing light.

Tiny bright white lights

A huge connect the dots

Set in a backdrop of

Warming yellows, pinks and reds.

Like a million morning stars

Leading us home

Somewhere we’re not exactly sure.

Its view

That touches you

Its beauty reaches the depths of souls.

Magic resides in this

Enormous structure,

Like Christmas all year long

With twinkling lights

Decorating its expanse

The bridge is a welcome sight.


One of my favorite perks of living in Staten Island is the fabulous views of the Verrazano Bridge. I just find bridges to be such amazing and magical things!

What do you think of bridges?

Return to Vermont



Return to Vermont


                        A winding road

            Leads me back

                                    To a place

                                                I love.

A state whose mountains

            Are like coming home

                                                After being far away,

That wrap me in a warm embrace

            So full of love and joy at my return.

                                     The mountains of Vermont

Are a hushed

                        Land of magic and

            A deep motherly love.

All mountains have different

                                    Personalities and Vermont’s

                                                Is a warm grandmotherly presence

            Welcoming you home to relax

And rejuvenate after

                        All the exciting beauty of the world.

            Her beauty is hushed, understated and

Nothing to laugh at.

            She’ll hold you close, and heal your wounds

                                                While forcing you deeper

            Within yourself.

Are you ready?

                                                                        Follow the road.


I am in Vermont visiting family and loving life. There is something incredibly special about Vermont. It’s interesting to me coming back here after having been out west. There is something different about the mountains here, something a little more homey, a little more calm. Don’t get me wrong I am head over heels in love with the mountains out west, but coming to Vermont is something very special.


What are some places you love?

In Us



In Us


Hidden within

There lies magic

Greater than all else.

Its power

Is in its simplicity

Its steadfastness.

It glows with the setting sun

Dances among the stars and

Is made of pure potential.

It is the stuff

That dreams are made of.

It resides in

Each and every one of us

Waiting for a spark

To light us up

A beacon for the rest

Leading home to truth,



What helps you connect with the magic within?

Within Me



Within Me


I walked through the valley

Through fields of lilies

With my head bent in

Absolute surrender.

I reached the edge,

The pinnacle of all I could take

The fear and anguish

Had become too great

For me to bear.

I let them go,

Dropped them off the nearest cliff,

Walked down into the valley

I fell to my knees

Weeping at the beauty of it all

Combined with the loss,

Of who I thought I was

Of all I thought I lost.

Only to find

The wonder each breath holds

The magic that makes me

Resides in all of you

And lives in every part of this

Divine universe.

I discovered that what I had been

Searching for

Was in me all along.


I needed this reminder today. That who I really am does always exist inside of me even if I don’t always remember.

Shadow People


Shadow People


It’s shadow people

Out among the


Brushing magic onto

Buildings, yards and


Singing in the night,

With silhouettes against

An artist painted sky.

Drifting through

As rebels light the way

With artificial lights.

These heralds of the night

Not chased completely away,

Only pushed

To twist and shift

Shape and place

Till once more

They can dance and sprawl

Across all.

Signaling to all

Restful hours are approaching.


For winding down

To sleep filled nights.


There is something magical and wonderful about nightfall. At times when I am sitting outside as night approaches I imagine night as having human qualities. Since I was sitting outside last night enjoying the night – it was a bit chilly, but lovely anyway – I decided on this poem.

What do you enjoy most about nightfall?