A Moment to Change



A Moment to Change


One moment

Can change it all

One breathe,

One move

Can alter everything.

In a blur

What you thought


No longer is

And now it’s something new.

Wait and see

For life to spin

Wildly off any track

You try to place it on.

Plans move and change


As the sea


Is key.

Let go of what it means

Be with what is.

Joy turns to sadness to contentment

And a million emotions in between,

Ride the waves,

And look for the silver lining.


Loneliness Subsides



Loneliness Subsides



Looking all alone

Waiting for one who never came.

Huddled against the wind

Against the many years of life

Against the sadness of the situation.

Watching as cars drive by

As people pass

With eyes that jump right over,

Ignoring the lonely

Woman sitting on her

Walker in the cold.

One moment,

One single instance of kindness

Makes the difference

One person

To stop and ask

“If you’re ok”

To change it all.

All it took was a phone

A call to get a ride

And the loneliness subsides

For a moment.






All it takes is one


For the wind to change.

One moment can

Fill you up

With hope and possibility

Remind you of all the good in the world.

Just one moment later

It can all fall out

From underneath

And you are left wondering why.

But it all

Happens in one moment,

Each new moment

Is a new opportunity

For something new

Good, bad and in-between.

What really matters

Is what you do with every

One moment you have.


What do you do with your one moments?

There Is A Moment



There Is a Moment


There is a moment

In the midst of all the

Pain, all the confusion,

In the midst of the

Sadness and despair

A moment of quiet

And calm.

Like the eye of the storm

It’s a place where

I realize and deeply know

That there is more than

These uncomfortable emotions.


What helps you realize that there is more than your emotions?