Expectant Morning


Expectant Morning


I had the words

Now they’re gone

Lost among the waves

Of the sea.

I woke before the sun

To watch it rise,

As a mother peers

Into the sleeping face

Of her child

Loving, gentle

Filled with hope and joy.

Expectantly I wait

As the shimmering rays

Make their way above the


I feel a growing warmth

With every moment.

All else washes away

Thoughts, words,

Drift below.

I am fully this moment,

Nothing else exists.

Time slips away

As vibrations of this moment

Take hold.


Morning Searching


Morning Searching


In the early morning

When the rest of the world sleeps

I wander

Among the trees

Searching for some meaning

Quiet contemplation

Leaves me yearning

For more.

Is it an unavoidable reality of life

To always long for more

Is wholeness

Always out of reach?

Maybe it’s the definition that


Leaving me empty.

I struggle for a balance

Spirit and humanity

Somehow I’m always tipping too far

In one direction.

As I spin inside my head

With all these thoughts and worries

A warm breeze

Brushes across my face

Taking me back

Reminding me of all

That really matters

The sweet smell of the earth

The air caressing me

The warmth of the streams of sunlight

As they rise above the horizon

Illuminating all for me to see.

First One Up



First One Up


My bare feet

Barely make a sound

As I walk

These empty halls.

It’s quiet in this dark house

As everyone else

Tucked in behind closed doors

Lingers in slumber

Just a little longer.

In the peace and quiet

I can just be

Bear witness to

The waking of the day,

Bid farewell to the night.

There’s magic in the morning

As I’m the only one awake,

Alone but surrounded

By living slumbering bodies.

To be the first one

To tread these floors

Each and every morning

Is a special gift.

Morning Thoughts


Morning Thoughts


Sitting in the silent stillness

Of the early morning.

Clouds cover the rising of the sun

Delaying daylight for a little while longer.

Makes for a cozy morning inside,

Warmed with a blanket and some tea,

Only small patches of skin exposed

To the cool morning air,

Gently breathed through open windows.

I find myself alone and not

At the same time,

Lonely and supported

At the same time.

To live in this body

Is to feel loneliness,

To be a spirit

Is to be connected.

Since I, now am spirit living in body

I am lonely and connected


Which can be confusing

When thought upon too much.


This is what happens to me most mornings. Deep thoughts accompanied by silence, calm and peace.


What do you think about in the morning?

New Day



New Day




To hear the waves


Heart beating

In time.

A world asleep


The brilliance

Of a morning.

Gentle peace

Painted waters

Tenderly roll to shore.

I am wrapped

In my aloneness

With calm only offered

By the


Of a new day

A new moment

New life.


As you may know I have a certain affinity for the early morning, especially right before sunrise. I love to be up before the sun and watch as it rises. It provides endless inspiration for pictures as well as poems.

What time of day inspires you?

Gifts of the Morning



Gifts of the Morning


It’s in the silent surrender

Of the early morning,

Waking to a hushed world

Present for the first few slivers of light

That illuminate after the long cool night,

Where I find my soul

Sitting in gentle meditation

Awaiting my return.

In the deepest silence just before the dawn

I can hear my truth

Whispering clearly all I need to know.

The whispers sound less like words

More like music,

Truth and love need no words to be understood.

I too join in meditation

To be in communion with my soul

With all I am connected to

That abounds in the universe,

To feel, to be the


Back to the basics, the simple

Essence of being.

Before the harried rush of the day,

Before emotions over take, and pull me

Up and down a roller coaster ride.

To hold the space for peace to enter,

For love to enter.

To hold the space for all magical possibilities

And witness my own transformation.

Just to be with all that is,

Allow for a joy greater than thought possible

To enter and take residence.

Allow myself to welcome with open arms all the universe has to give.

Find contentment and peace.

This is what the morning brings,

The moments surrounding dawn on either side

Offer such deep mystical gifts

To all who dare to open their arms, release their fingers down

To show an open palm.

All who are ready to receive shall have the gifts of the morning.

Patience, forgiveness and understanding

Are all I need to drop into the

Brilliance of each new morning.


I am an early morning person! I love to get up before the sun and watch while it slowly creeps up into the sky. It is a special and magical time of day which I love to be a part of. My favorite way to enjoy the morning is through meditation, whether sitting meditation or walking meditation. 

How do you enjoy the morning?