Nature Heals


Nature Heals


It’s the earth that brings us home

Nature takes us back

Reminding us what’s really important

The beauty of nature

Is enough to knock you off your feet

Fill you with wonder and love.

In moments of

Fear, melancholy and anguish

Nature has the power

To heal,

To take you away from the problems

Fettering your brain,

Wake you up and pull you into

The present moment

And fill you with beauty.

If you are open to receive

All the magic nature has to offer
It will heal and change you

Every chance it can.


Made A Change



Made A Change


I woke one day to find

I had so much on my mind

The life I was living

Just wasn’t working,

I had to make a change.

I shifted off the shackles

I felt were binding me.

I spread my wings and

Learned to fly.

I slept under the stars

Dipped toes in mountain lakes

Danced and moved under the watchful eye

Of mountain tops.

I explored hot springs and geysers.

Surrendered to the planet

All that bothered me.

I hiked to reach the summit

And again to come back down.

I met with wise and ancient creatures to learn the secrets

Of their ways.

How will I ever return

To civilization?


Sometimes the scariest choices end up being the best choices. You learn very deeply about trusting yourself and the universe. It’s true that eventually you reach a point where you have to make a change, and in my experience while actually making that choice can be difficult once it’s done a sense of calm settles.

What helps you make the changes you need to make?

Mystic Blue



Mystic Blue


My entire field of vision

Is filled with

Shades of blue.

From the crystal clear


To the deep reflective


Even the mountains separating the two

In the distance

Are painted in hues of blue

On this brilliant morning.

I’m filled completely with all the blue,

It brings quiet and serenity

Broken only by


The lake, the sky, the mountains

Go on forever

Blending into one another all

Different shades of blue,

Leaving me – small, inconsequential

Swallowed in their blue



This was inspired at Yellowstone Lake early in the morning.  The brilliance of the shades of blue touched something within me. This morning brought such a feeling of calm, tranquility and peace which lead to the poem. I find so often that nature, in this case the colors that nature presents, has the power to move me. If I let it move me, I discover wondrous things can happen!


What do the colors of the earth inspire in you?

Earth Connection



Earth Connection


Frustrations melt away

Into the earth

As my bare feet sink into the

Dampened soil,

My toes curling into the ground

Knees crushing blades of grass

While my arms and hands dig

And dig,

Moving the earth

To add some color, some beauty.

The sun on my back

Eases any discomfort of late

All anger and sadness

Have no room in this wide open

Space of the outdoors.

They are transformed

By mother nature

As I work with her to create


I am completely in the moment

Time no longer exists

I am connected and zoned

To the energy seeping into me

From all sides

Air, earth, sun

Filling me and squeezing out

All else.

Leaving me whole.


There is something incredibly satisfying about spending time outside especially spending time getting dirty outside, digging. I love being outside as much as possible, but there is something special about gardening. Digging, and planting then tending and watching things grow knowing that I had a hand in that growth is so special. This poem attempts to convey that feeling a bit.

What does nature do for you?

A glassy lake



A Glassy Lake


Watch the water

To learn about the wind.

A glassy lake

Tells stories of the

The breeze.

Big smooth ripples

Slowly travel cross the lake

As prompted by the wind

Wide in their migration

Till a change blows

Smaller choppy ripples

Quicker from side to side.

Baby waves,

Happy to flow

Into and out of one another.

Each ripple is the water,

The water is the ripple

But also so much more.

One becomes the other

And recedes back to itself.

Reflecting back, the mountains

Tall standing trees.

Reflecting back the stillness.

So loud it fills all of me,

To be the trees, where not one of the leaves

Blows in the wind.

Breezes so soft, they can’t disturb the trees.

A silence, and a stillness

Deeper than the earth, upturned by greedy shovels.

It takes me to a place,

Beyond my understanding, beyond my

Recognition, where all is one

And breath begins.

The meeting for all things, the space

In between.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and most likely many more times – nature heals me. In particular, water heals me, sitting near a lake or river is enough to take me away from any worries I have. This particular poem was inspired by a beautiful lake in Vermont, one of my favorite places in the world. You see all of nature is special to me, but some places have a magical quality to them, energy that is different from any other – that’s what Vermont is like for me, a magical place. It does my soul good to remember it even when I’m not there. The picture is from one of the magical lakes I love in Vermont!

Where do you find magic?

Lessons from an apple


Lessons from an apple:

Look at me

I mean really look at me

Take in my true essence

I have some truths to share with you


Be still

I am not troubled if my color is irregular

I take joy in any color that shows on my skin

I do not rush

I do not get angry

When it seems to take so long to grow

I cannot make myself grow any faster

I do not fret over sufficient sustenance

The universe provides all I need

The sun shines when I need it

The rain comes down when I need it

The dirt is there when I need it

I do not worry at all

My sweetness runs true and deep

I am happy to be eaten and enjoyed

Baked in a pie or eaten raw off the tree

Just as happy to fall to the earth

To decompose and become a source of food for those to come

Never in my life am I disconnected from these truths

I am in every way these truths

What you know deep inside, in the part of you that is a part of me

Is that you are these truths as well

We are together made of the essence of life

Look at me

I mean really look at me


Be still

I am there

We are one connected to all things


Yesterday was the first day of spring, a day I have been waiting for for a while now. Although here in NJ it was a bit too chilly to really be spring I was relieved none-the-less. Spring is one of those times of year when I find it very easy to see and understand the lessons nature has to offer. This poem is one of those ways I see nature teaching. Apples happen to be my favorite fruit and I eat a lot of apples, hence this poem is from an apple.

What does nature teach you?




Filled With Trees


It will calm your mind

And your soul

To sit and watch a tree.

I mean really watch it,

Until it fills you up,

Notice without concentrating

On the leaves, the flowers,

The breeze moving the branches.

Wait and the picture will fill

Your entire field of vision.

You will become the tree for a moment.

Let it happen,

Allow the stillness in,

Let it fill you,

The silence, the completeness

A way to just be.

Drink in the sunshine, and the dirt underfoot.

To be filled with trees is to be.

Let the earth fill you

With all her gifts

She offers them freely without judgment.

Peace and contentment settle into every cell

When I am with nature. 


Nature – trees, are the best medicine for me when I’m having a bad day. Just sitting under a tree or even standing near a tree placing my hands on it allows me to stop, to settle down and sync with the slowness, the being of the tree. Sometimes it’s quick and easy to feel better, other times it takes a while or returned attempts. But it always works. I think it reminds me not to take everything so seriously and just let things be.

What in nature helps you?