Night Rider



Night Rider


The world spins around

Flashing by,

She stands

White dress

Waving in the wind,

Standing arms open

On the bow

Waves lapping up below.


Broken by shimmering starlight

From above.

A sliver of moon

Sheds a lean path.

Night lights illuminate

Her as she

Breathes in the warm night air,

Eyes closed she soaks

In the speed

The air

The night

The wonder.

Absolutely free

Filled with joy

She lives for the moment.

She lives in each of us,

She is adventure,

She is now.







Notes of a piano

Disrupt the quiet night air,

Drifting down an empty street.

I walk alone.

Huddled against the cold

Wrapped in layers

Looking to the sky

Coming up with only clouds.

Columns of light

Fall across the sidewalk

From lonely street lamps.

Left to ward off darkness

Sentinels of the night

Left useless in the glaring light of day.

They hold the stories

Silently watching

Nighttime wanderers,

Shedding light on

Those who pass through their reach.


I’m always fascinated by lights in the night, whether stars or streetlights, lamps or candles. There is just something beautiful about any kind of light at night. I relish and appreciate the darkness but a small light in a sea of dark is brilliant.

How do you feel about lights in the night?

Running From the Night



Running From the Night


I walk towards the setting sun

Following the warmth

To the ends of the earth

Never wanting night,

Yearning to always be one step

Ahead of the darkness

A master of escape.

It wears me over time,

My feet grow tired,

My limbs

Slow down.

The constant race for sun

Can only go on for so long.

I fall

Exhausted to the ground,

Grass my bed,

No roof over my head

As night descends

Gently creeps from behind

As I watch the sun set

For the first time.

Terror grabs my hand

Attempts to pull me to my feet

To escape this unknown darkness

It grips my head, turns my stomach in knots.

I close my eyes in fear

When curiosity gets the best of me

I open my eyes

I’m greeted with a night sky dotted with

A million stars.

The silence and brilliance

Of the night wrap me up

In a cool embrace.

Like a burst bubble

Terror and fear disappear.

I’ll no longer fear the night.

I welcome the darkness

As much as the coming day.

I’ll find the lessons,

Create my joy

Even in the darkness

That was once unknown.


If we spend our lives running in fear from things that are unknown, we’ll never experience the miracle of discovery. We never know what might happen, but if we don’t explore, don’t try, we’ll be living a life in black and white – not really living at all.

What are you running from?

Shadow People


Shadow People


It’s shadow people

Out among the


Brushing magic onto

Buildings, yards and


Singing in the night,

With silhouettes against

An artist painted sky.

Drifting through

As rebels light the way

With artificial lights.

These heralds of the night

Not chased completely away,

Only pushed

To twist and shift

Shape and place

Till once more

They can dance and sprawl

Across all.

Signaling to all

Restful hours are approaching.


For winding down

To sleep filled nights.


There is something magical and wonderful about nightfall. At times when I am sitting outside as night approaches I imagine night as having human qualities. Since I was sitting outside last night enjoying the night – it was a bit chilly, but lovely anyway – I decided on this poem.

What do you enjoy most about nightfall?

Secrets in the Noon of Night


Secrets in the Noon of Night


In the noon of night

I find the secrets

Never told.

Hidden beyond the frozen walls

Trapped in hearts of stone,

They lie in golden pools

Swimming in the sweet nectar

Of life.

Protected from the world

By the world itself.

We thought it needed protecting

From ourselves

So we locked it far away

Deep beneath the surface

So that in our

Ignorance and fragility

We wouldn’t ruin it.

What we didn’t know

Is that it can never die,

It will never, break

To be ruined would be impossible.

We cut ourselves off

Leaving us high and dry,

Empty inside.

I reach inside tenderly

Bathe in those golden pools

Absorb the secrets

Right through my pores

Until they become a part of me.


This all started because I had the the phrase “In the noon of night” rolling around in my head for hours. It wasn’t until I sat down to write that I found out where it was taking me. This poem is about finding out secrets of life, and yet I don’t divulge them, because I can’t – I can’t put them in words. It’s more about the finding, than the understanding what they are. More about just knowing they exist.

When did you know something existed without being able to explain it or really understand it?

Of moonlight



Of Moonlight


Of moonlight

And sparkling stars

My mind does wander to

On cool and cozy nights.

To jump astride

A shooting star

Dash around the world

Spilling fairy dust

Along the way

Covering the earth

In shimmering sparkles of love,

Brings immense joy.

I’m free on those

Wandering nights

To whisper with the wind

In sleeping ears


Of the wondrous woods

And magical creatures therein,

To make friends with the clouds

Have races across the sky.

Forget about the sorrows,

Let go into the joy,

Into the freedom promised

In the crisp sighs of the evening breeze,

Into the wonder of the flow

That is life,

That is love,

That is me.


Just as the sun provides immense inspiration to me, so does the moon. So frequently when the sun has gone to bed, I sit at my window staring at the night sky, watching the stars and getting lost in the bigness of it all. Feeling so small and yet infinitely connected to the greatness. There is something so magical and mystical about the night for me. I become a child again and find myself lost in imaginings of places I visit while flying through the sky. This is just one of many poems I have written about that beautiful, mystical moon. What do you think about when you see the moon?

The miracle that is night.



Miracle of Night


In the darkness the lights

Seem even brighter.

Illuminating the small space surrounding.

Stripes paint the road

Every other black then peachy glow

A gentle fade in between.

I walk this lonely road

In the darkness,

Yet fear lies far away.

I’m alive, awake for a special time

Witness to the magic, the beauty

That is the deepest part of night.

The silence comforting, the depth of darkness

Warms my soul,

Taking me to places, a world to which

I could never see in the light of day.

Every lamplight, streetlight, stoplight

Every porch light, walkway light, candle lit window,

Glow in effervescence, a steady stream

That reminds of holidays and Christmas lights

And start winking in the sky.

The whole world transforms into a fairytale

While everyone sleeps,

Locked up in their homes, tucked deep in their beds,

I become the witness,

The one who sees it all

The miracle that is the night.

I frequently go for walks at night, I quite enjoy it. There is something very special about the night, something sacred. A hush comes over everything and these little patches of light come into view and just inspire so much within me; inspire poems, stories, a sense of being witness to and part of something special. How do you enjoy the night?