Missing You


Missing You


Heaviness fills the space

Just above my belly

Tinted with excitement,

It weighs

Me down,

Tinged with love and longing,

It consumes me

Leaving little room.

Ordinary things feel different

As it reaches all the spaces,

I’m bursting

With emotion,

Not sure how

I’m anything else.

Heavy but somehow warm

Sadness mixed with

Powerful love and care.


Through little things,

Sounds, sights, smells

We’re together again.

Hope lifts

My spirits

As patience is tested

And grows

Waiting till the day

We really are together again.



Everybody Messes Up


Everybody Messes Up


Everybody messes up

We all make mistakes

At some point we all lose our way

We make choices that hurt us

And do things we regret.

But the sun always rises, and

New days begin.

With them comes the chance to

Start over again.

Opportunity to love,

To take our mistakes

And find the lessons.

We have the ability

To turn lost roads and

Wrong turns into

New maps and round-a-bout ways.

Every breath brings hope

For a better today,

To let go of the past

And give in to the way

Of the heart.


Messing up is an important part of life if we let it be. If we work with our messes instead of letting them drag us down we can grow immensely.

*This is actually a long poem that I am going to split into three posts, so stay tuned for the next two days for the rest of it.

How do you deal when you mess up?

Patience Fails



Patience Fails


When I have lost

All reasons left to wait.

When hope grows dim

In midnight hours.

When my story

Takes too long

To tie up all loose ends.

Patience slips away just

Like another day

Spent waiting

Watching for all the things

To change.

I’ve done all I can do

Put forth all that I can

Now I’m only waiting for the end.

How can I surrender to the waiting

While with my whole body

All I want is to race to the finish line.

The problem is I’m waiting for

The answer I want instead of

Just an answer.

So I wait,

Impatiently and patiently in turn

As days go by.


I always thought of myself as a patient person. Lately I find my patience running thin. In so many areas of my life right now I am waiting – waiting to hear about one thing or another, waiting for change. It’s not even that I haven’t taken steps, towards making things happen. The waiting is because I’ve moved, action has happened and now I sit and wait for results. But I find it to be incredibly difficult to wait!

What helps you wait?






Watch the wisteria fall

In white and purple wisps.

The smell reaches before the sight,

Wrapping me up in

Remembering childhood days,

Climbing in the flower coated trees,

Running on the porch coated in the

Delicate flowers.

Even if the memories aren’t really mine.

Fragile petals weeping fragrant tears

On passers-by.

Lay in the grass,

Caressed by the soft green blades

To watch fluffy white clouds

As they appear in pieces

Through the blooms reaching

Tender tendrils towards my body

Resting calming in the grass.


I’ve got spring fever…and I’ve got it bad. The sun is shining this morning and all I can think about is spring and flowers and warm weather. Too bad it’s only March 2 and things aren’t in bloom and the temperature has yet to reach above 50. It’s not spring yet. The wait is making me itch with anticipation and impatience. It’s frustrating knowing it’s so close and yet so far. A lesson in patience I guess – I’m not too fond of those.

What are some of your lessons in patience?






A birthing in its own right

This new life

Some are rushed,

Others slowly come.

I’m in the waiting phase,

When all around me seems

To flow, faster

While I am slowly being sailed

Along, by forces I can’t quite see.

I know I’ll get there,

Just waiting, moving slowly

Is difficult.

Until the moment when

You stop looking at the prize,

Take your view away from the summit,

Look at the ground below

Your feet, look at what is

Directly surrounding you,

Take joy in where you are.

Enjoy the steps,

Enjoy the ride,

Remove the focus from the end,

That’s how you miss life,

There will always be a higher summit,

Always another end.

Lat each step slowly unfold,

You’ll be surprised when

You realize there is no end,

No summit, other than the one you stand on

In the present moment. 


Waiting for what you know to be true in your heart can be the most difficult thing in the world. Patience is not always easy, and yet one of the most important things to be cultivated within oneself. I find the best way to deal with a situation where I find patience is lacking is to take a deep breath and remember that a mountain is climbed by placing one foot in front of the other and repeating the process numerous times.

What helps when you are feeling impatient?