It’s A Busy Day


It’s A Busy Day

Busy, busy

Blurring by,

The words, the lines

Deep inside

Twist and writhe

As days speed past.

A need to slow

To calm it down

Inhale deeply

Fresh fall air

As life takes crazy turns

And races on and on.

I’m caught in the


Along for the ride

Enjoying the excitement

While simultaneously

Yearning for a minute

To sit in quiet


On a park bench

Beneath the swaying

Leaves in the trees.

You know those days where you just feel frazzled by all that you have to do. Even if it’s all great fun stuff, it still feels like a lot. That’s when it’s even more important to find a few moments of peace and quiet to calm and ground yourself.

When do you get frazzled?


Under Trees



Under Trees


It nourishes my soul

To sit under the trees

To watch as the sun

Blinks and winks

At me through

Waving leaves.

To close my eyes and

Feel the breeze

As is brushes past my skin,

Inhaling the sweet

Aroma of late summer

A scent of warmth and life

Mixed with salty ocean air

And a hint of the crisp

Fall to come.

Thoughts are free to wander

In the carefree space

Of natures embrace.

Senses are heightened

As I experience everything fully

In the moment

At one with nature

One with life

All worries left behind

All problems dropped off.

All is now

Now is all

Breathing is all that matters

Taking in, receiving

And expelling air.

Letting life happen.


As you may know, I love trees and being outside. I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time hanging out under trees this weekend. I feel quite refreshed and rejuvenated after.


What refreshes you?

Made A Change



Made A Change


I woke one day to find

I had so much on my mind

The life I was living

Just wasn’t working,

I had to make a change.

I shifted off the shackles

I felt were binding me.

I spread my wings and

Learned to fly.

I slept under the stars

Dipped toes in mountain lakes

Danced and moved under the watchful eye

Of mountain tops.

I explored hot springs and geysers.

Surrendered to the planet

All that bothered me.

I hiked to reach the summit

And again to come back down.

I met with wise and ancient creatures to learn the secrets

Of their ways.

How will I ever return

To civilization?


Sometimes the scariest choices end up being the best choices. You learn very deeply about trusting yourself and the universe. It’s true that eventually you reach a point where you have to make a change, and in my experience while actually making that choice can be difficult once it’s done a sense of calm settles.

What helps you make the changes you need to make?

Feel Into It



Feel Into It


The best thing to do

When feeling overwhelmed

With any emotion

Is to sit with it,

To feel as deep into

It as you can.

To open that place inside

To really explore the emotion.

It’s slightly terrifying

To open yourself up so much

To feel so much,

 But you’ll be glad you did.

You’ll learn things you never

Knew and come away

With a little more

Clarity than you started with.


I usually give myself very good advice, I don’t always take it. But this is absolutely good advice, when I can sit with an emotion and allow it to happen, allow it to wash over me like a river, I feel so much better. The more time we spend fighting any kind of emotion the longer it persists. If we can surrender, it can move through and we can move on. I know this because it has worked in the past for me, that doesn’t make it any easier particularly with uncomfortable emotions I want to get rid of as quickly as possible but it does help.


What helps you feel your emotions?

Finding Myself



Finding Myself


When I need to find myself

I return to the mountains

To the trees, the rivers.

In my solitude

I remember who I am,

I am awakened

By the quiet noises of the forest

As the wind whispers through

Trees and leaves.

I can feel

My heart begin to flutter

As my spirit soars.

The whole world fades away.

I am left with


I am left with now,

With the natural world

In front of me.

Time doesn’t matter

Nothing else exists

But right now.

It only takes a moment

For the transformation

For the wilderness to take hold

I become wild.

I am alone

Yet not alone.

Loneliness is so far away

When I am in the mountains.


I’ve spent the past few days hiking in the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire and there is just something amazing about spending time in the mountains. Both alone and with hiking buddies, it is a magical, spiritual experience. I absolutely love it. It’s moments like this when it feels like my body has just been made to hike and be in the mountains!


Where do you find yourself?

Heart Speak



Heart Speak


If a heart could speak

What would it say?

I hear its whispers

In my dreams,

And when I’m walking

Among the trees.

My heart would speak

Of love

And warmth

And a gentle caring

For humanity.

It would speak of joys

Brought on

By brilliant sunsets

And extra long hugs.

It would speak

Of rainbows and the wonders

Of an earth filled

With breathtaking views.

It would speak of silence and

The beauty of stillness.

It would speak of

The magic

Of human connection.

When I sit in

Peace to listen

To the murmurs of my heart

I am

Connected to my deepest self

And faith requires no effort.  


Lately between all the traveling I’ve had a little bit of down time. In that down time I have had a chance to really listen to my heart. And I tell you I am amazed at all it has to say. 


What does your heart have to say?

The Tears



The Tears


As the clouds rip open

Dousing the earth

In torrential rains,

Emotions burst from

The depths of my soul

To wipe me out

With the intensity.


The tears

Of joy so happy I could burst

With love and joy,

Flow freely down a face

Glowing in the evening light

Light shining from within.


The tears

Of despair

So despondent I could crumble

Down into nothing

From the sheer sadness of it all.


The tears

Of anguish

Of frustration so

Aggravating I could explode

In pieces of anger.


The tears

Of gratitude

So tender I could melt

In the warmth and love of it.


The tears

Come with every emotion

My very own personal


To shake up and cleanse

My very soul.


So, I am what you would call a crier. I cry at just about everything. A beautiful sunset, a sweet commercial on TV, a very sad event. It’s something I really love about myself, there is something extremely cathartic about a good cry. Crying is what inspired this poem.

How do you feel about crying?