Powerful Sea



Powerful Sea


I see faces

From history,

Days long past

Staring from the deep

Tossed in the waves,

One moment there

Another gone.

Tricks of the ocean spirits.

Giving warning

Reminding of the lives

It has claimed.

While lulling me

Into a blissful stupor

With gentle rocking.

The sea is wild and unpredictable

Calm and loving one minute,

Raging and angry the next.

She is as she is,

Makes no pretense to be anything

Other than the

Ancient, wild power she is.

All I can do is float

Trusting and hoping

I’ll get safely home.


Thought Seeds



Thought Seeds


A thought starts as

A seed


Negative or


Watered by our use

Encouraged by repetition

To flourish and grow.

We must with our heart

Decide which seeds

To water

Which to let dry up and

Never take root.

Once thoughts become seedlings

We plant them in the earth

Sharing them with others.

We must be mindful

What we share,

What do we add to the earth

We aim to add rather than take away

Help rather than hinder.


Thoughts are really important if you realize it or not. They hold power and it’s better to allow that power to be positive than negative. I know for myself that the more positive thoughts I have the more well prepared I am for the tough stuff. It doesn’t mean pretending to be happy and enjoying a challenging situation, it just means encouraging  positive thinking.

When have you found thoughts to be powerful?






When she comes slinking back

With images of horror,

With a chilling breath on my neck,

To seize my body in fear

And twist my gut into unrecognizable shapes

I am tempted,

I falter for a moment

Allowing myself

To be captured by fear, by worry.

I take a breath

Deep inside,

While she works her destruction

Close my eyes

And turn to face her straight on,

Lift my hand

An arc though the air

To reach out in front


You have no power here.

I open my eyes

Calm and clearly see

She is just a child

Searching for protection

She is vulnerability.

She stops in her tracks

And I stare into her depths

As I let out my breath

She blows away on the wind

Leaves lifted and carried away.

I am left with light warming within.

Peace and power. 


This poem is about what can happen when I choose to stand in my power. What can happen when I don’t let fear and worry control me. It can be challenging to stand in my power when worry and fear seem so strong – when there are things happening in life that cause me to worry. Yet, I can choose to take control and say no to worry and fear. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t ever worry or feel fear, but there is difference between feeling fear and letting it control you.

What helps you get over fear?

To let go



Letting Go


As the ocean lets go of the waves

Releasing them to the shore

We too must release control.

Fighting only wears us out.

Time comes in its own

Things happen as they will,

Action is necessary,

But beyond a point

No matter how hard you fight,

How much you push,

Life happens anyway.

In letting go we gain the most control,

Without attachment, or

Desire to be in control

We become one with

That which is in control.

Even that makes too little of a word

So complex and tricky

With so much attached.

Letting go we gain control,

Listen with your heart

You’ll understand the difference.

Realize that the greatest amount

Of control you’ll ever have

Is the choosing

To let go. 

Trusting in the world,

The universal energy and design

The control, which doesn’t seek control

Which is managed by free will.

Spin reality for a moment

Remember what we’ve always known

No control, is more control than power ever brought.


Letting go, of anything, of everything can be one of the hardest things and yet one of the most liberating. I’m always writing about things that are hard but worth it. And they are hard but not complicated. But I know for myself when I can let go of something – release an emotion that has been weighing me down – I feel so much lighter and more open. That is the time when miracles happen. Again it all comes back to trust. When I’m rock climbing I have to trust that the person belaying me won’t let me fall in order for me to let go of the rock. The same thing applies in any situation that requires letting go. You have to have an underlying trust that in letting go things will work out.

What do you need to let go of?

A Valentines day rising



One Billion Rising


The moment is here

The moment is now

When we say no

To fear,

To violence,

To anger.


The moment is here

The moment is now

When we say yes

To love,

To joy,

To peace.


No longer will

Fear take hold of our emotions

We release

That which does not serve our

Highest good and the

Highest good of all.

We hold the world with open arms

Spreading love and light

With a power so strong

None could dim it.

We dance and sing in the glory

Of ourselves

We move for each other,

We move for ourselves.

We unite in a movement of peace

In a movement of

No longer allowing

Violence to exist in this world.

We stand up

Hand in hand

With every human on the planet

Pledging to

Make it better

To be better

To love with all our might.


Happy Valentines day everyone! Today is more than just another day or another Valentines day for me. Today I am taking part in One Billion Rising, a global movement to demand an end to violence against women. I will be dancing tonight as part of this movement and I am filled with such a sense of hope, power and community at the thought of it. It’s time to make a difference, it’s time to say violence in unacceptable in this world, we won’t have it! If you are interested visit http://onebillionrising.org/

How are you spreading love today?

Powerful beauty



Beauty Holds Power


Unspeakable beauty

Lies behind the crumbling walls.

As the old life chips and falls away

The setting sun

Casts shadows

Paints that life with deep colors.

A new picture emerges

Brilliant at the end of the day.


Beauty like that

Has power unlike any other.

Power to change a mind,

To move one to tears

Bring one back home.

Beauty like that

Can fix a broken heart,

Warm a lonely soul.


A pictures worth

Is measured in

The emotions tied to it.

How deeply can it reach.

A song

Will pick me up

Send me on a cloud

Round the world,

It can pump me up

Or calm me down,

Set me free or bring me down.


Beauty, speaks in

Many ways

Through emotions

Without words.

It’s power lies in wait

Unassuming to wash over

As a cool rain.

Beauty keeps truth

Gently burning deep inside

A candle lit for all to see

To feel if only they



As I may have mentioned before, I am a very sensitive person, and that sensitivity extends to beauty, particularly natural beauty. When I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, see the colors of the sky I can easily be brought to tears by the sheer wonder of it. This poem is my way of expressing that overwhelming sense of beauty and wonder. There is a sense of power that I feel when I bear witness to an expansive view from a mountaintop or a rainbow stretching across the sky. It is a silent beautiful power. What does beauty mean to you?