Peaceful Moments



Peaceful Moments


Listen and remember

A still small voice


As I run about my day

A song to stop me in my path

Remind me of the song

Singing deep within,

Take me back to the days

Before the busy-ness of life

Took over.

To be still,

To be with me

As the rest all fades away

Thoughts, worries, monkey mind

Quiets, sinking to the background

Purity is left,

Pure experience of this

Right now.

Peace, contentment

Widen, filling all the spaces.

I am whole,

At one with this moment

With this life

This universe

This time.

If only for a moment

Until life tugs me back

To busy-ness.

These peaceful moments

Exist always

Waiting for me to step inside.


What’s Here Today



What’s Here Today


I find myself

Walking down the street

Head to the sky

Thinking how lucky I am

Filled with such gratitude

For nothing in particular

But for everything in equal measure.

 In awe at the brilliance of life

At the generosity of strangers

And at my good fortune.

Yet I wonder will it end,

Am I deserving?

I question whether I can take

Another step

Will I make it to the end?

Knowing full well

I will stumble

I will fall,

It all must one day end.

Yet in this moment

I am grateful for where I am

What may come

Tomorrow or the next

Cannot take away

From what is here today.


I love the days when I am just overflowing with gratitude for just about everything. Yet even in those moments I feel doubt trying to creep in. That’s when I look it in the eye and say not today. I breathe and just feel deeply into the gratitude.


When have you felt doubt about the good things?

More Than Memories



More Than Memories


Sometimes the joy filled

Memories of yesterdays gone by

Are more than enough

To satisfy,

But the days do come when

We need a little more

To help to

Push us out the door.

Those days when the

Dark grey, blue clouds

Look ominous and frightening

Rather than exhilarating,

Are times for a joy greater than

That created and stored in our memories.


Those days,

They call for birds

And things of flight

To help us gain

A greater sight.

To lift us up

High off the ground

So we can see

All around,

The things we thought

Were in our way

Which turned out to be

No more

Than little mounds of clay.

Molded and disguised

To trick our easily

Deceived eyes. 


Memories are great! It can be wonderful to reminisce about the past when you are feeling down, but it’s important to find things in the present that can make you feel better too. A good combination is what’s needed!


What memories do you like to recall?

Wish To Am


Wish to Am


Take I wish

Turn to I will.

I will love with all my heart

I will smile every day

I will walk barefoot in the grass

I will take all of my chances

I will make changes

Take I will

Turn to I am.

I am filled with love

I am happy

I am successful

I am making a difference

I am connected with my passion

Change a few words

And suddenly the world feels


Wishing can make you feel sad

Always wishing things were different

Change it to I am,

And it all feels different

It becomes a reality.

Change your thoughts,

Maybe you’ll be faking it

For a while

But eventually you’ll make it.

Wishing only ever keeps you in the clouds

Eventually you must come down

And walk among the trees

With feet planted on the ground.


When I realize that I’ve been spending too much time wishing things were different I also inevitably realize that I have been spending too much time in my head. Wishing things would change is almost a sure way to ensure they don’t because so frequently wishing implies I have no control over changes, and also it always places the changes in the future. I find when I can take a step back and alter my thoughts things move much smoothly and I feel much better. Instead of focusing on wishing things were different I can use a statement like things are changing everyday. Immediately the energy shifts and I find myself actually doing things to make that statement true.

When have you found yourself stuck in your head too much?

Where I am



Where I Am


“Be where you are”

Those four words

Echo through my head

Over and over.

Apparently I need to work on

Being present.

Who, what, when, where

I’m always

Thinking and going over

What’s coming next.

Who I need to see,

When I need to be there,

Where I need to go,

What I need to be doing.

Then once the work day is done

All those ‘needs’ get replaces by ‘wants.’

The mind likes to chatter

Likes to obsess and worry.

The mind doesn’t like

The present,

The present is peaceful

The present is quiet, calm.

The present involves surrender,

Letting go.

All of which frighten the mind.

But if I live my life always looking to

Tomorrow I’ll miss out on today.

“Be where you are”

Truer words haven’t been written.

I am wherever I am.

So it works against me to

Focus too much energy on what’s next

Or what’s already been.


Over and over – again and again I am reminded to  be here – be present. It’s all about acceptance and letting go of all I thought would be, of all I want to be and releasing into what is. Not always an easy thing when you wish things were different. Plus I always walk a fine line between being completely in the present while also remaining aware of the future and planning for it.

When do you find it easiest to remain in the present?

In my night



Inside My Night


There are no words

To explain

What goes on in my head.

The tumbles and mumbles

Of thoughts and things

Running and spinning with pings

To spaces around the

Vessels in my brain.

I’m the broken


We all have to stare at

With hopes of not getting caught.


The stars burn bright

Inside my night

My fires extinguish

For blazing too hot too fast.

A brilliant question

Soaring or falling above the rest

Depending on your point of view.


Turn your head to see the world

As it was before.

Twist it up

To watch things fall into new places.

A kaleidoscope

Of wanting, craving

Changes to the pictures

In front of me.


It’s one of those days where my mind won’t stop going. Where all the fears and worries are just circling round and round ready to pounce. I’m trying and working at staying in the present moment. Reminding myself that worrying about tomorrow isn’t productive. Right now, it isn’t working so well. But I’ll keep at it.

What helps when your mind is stuck worrying?






In, Out

In, Out

So it goes

Life and death

Pain and comfort

Sorrow and joy

In, Out

In, Out

Heaven and earth

Waves on the shore

Wind through the trees

In, Out

In, Out

A simple connection

One small rhythm in common

Keeping all things in tune

In, Out

In, Out





Today I just need to breathe. I need just to be, to rest and be where I am. So I’m allowing that to happen. I’m taking it easy and allowing things to be, and I’m just breathing in and out. Breath helps me remember to be present.

What helps you to be present?