Love Purpose



Love Purpose


I think I’ve figured it out

My purpose

My reason for being

Here in this world.

It could be

That I am here to love

To give it and to learn

How to receive it.

To share it with the world

And drink it in from

All the many places it comes from.

To find it in another

To find it in myself

To encourage and water that love

Developing it

Helping it to flourish and grow.

Maybe that purpose is not just for me

But maybe for all those

Dwelling here.

Maybe that’s the real lesson

The real reason for being.


My direction





Just because you cannot see

The direction that I’m heading

Doesn’t mean I’m directionless.

I walk a path I cannot see,

Trusting in my feelings,

Knowing where I’m going

Is greater than anything my mind could


I’m open to the possibilities,

Awaiting things I haven’t seen.

Knowing what I don’t want,

Where I’m not going is just

As important as knowing what I do.


My direction is not a road,

Already laid, prepared for me.

I’m building it as I go,

It hasn’t been seen before,

It never existed until now.

I know where I’m headed, in my heart

I know what I want

Is passion, satisfaction, joy, love

To make a difference, to be


I already have those things and

I follow them without hesitation.


For those who cannot see,

I’m sorry that you cannot reach beyond

The boxes you reside in.

But I won’t be boxed,

I won’t allow my direction to be

Shortened, stunted, changed or

Judged for being different.

I walk with the confidence that

My heart is true and let the rest all fade away.


I want something more that a job,

More than a career,

More than 2.5 kids and a dog.

I want excitement,

Passion, drive.

I want a reason for living that

Lights me up.

I want peace and contentment

That comes from a deeper place.

I want meaning.

That is my direction,

That is my way.

I will walk it every day

It would be death to be otherwise.


I need this reminder today. I need this reminder on any day when I’m feeling slightly lost and disconnected from my direction, when fear creeps in causing doubt to grow. I need to remember I’m on a path, a direction lead by my heart. Maybe remembering that will help warm my heart and bring me back to my direction.

What is your direction?

What if you are meant to read this?



What if?


What if today was special

Just like every other day,

Wondrous and joyous

Filled with purpose and meaning?


What if we stopped

Spun ourselves around

For just a moment,

Suspended reality

Gave in to a new way.


What if every single person we met

We needed to meet?

If every single person we came into contact with,

From the cashier at the grocery store,

To the doctor,

To the person in the car next to you at a red light,

If every one of them had meaning for you,

A reason to cross paths with your life.

If even for a moment your energy was

Affected by theirs and vice versa?

If that one moment of energy exchange

Made a million things possible that otherwise

Wouldn’t have been.


What if every moment, every tiny thing

We do is part of

A greater purpose

Beyond what we can see?

What if the miracle is that we are alive,

If our own existence

Comes with so many

Happenstance situations that

We must be here for a purpose.


What if we lived our lives with

This kind of reverence for all we encounter

No matter whether we term it ‘good’ or ‘bad’

It is meant to happen purely

To be part of our story.

What if we lived from a place of

What if instead of why me?


What could it hurt to believe in greatness?


Today was like any other day, woke up, went to work, ran errands, worked out etc.But as the day wore on an idea wouldn’t leave my head. What if all of this is part of something more, what if there’s a reason? When I get this idea in my head everything feels magical and light. I feel connected to something greater and as though there is no way anything could be wrong. Things could feel wrong, and feel bad, and I could get upset and angry and depressed (and believe me I do), but things couldn’t actually be wrong. Because of all the billions of possibilities-of things and people and events in the world-of all the things that had to happen just so I can be where I am right now, there must be some reason, some purpose. It has to be ‘right’ merely because it is, even with all the other possibilities that could have happened instead. And you know it is a rather comforting way of thinking. If only I could think this way all the time. What do you think about living from a place of ‘what if,’ could you do it, would you want to?