Remember your joy,

The feel of sunshine

How good it feels to move your body

Stretching, twisting, working.

Remember the simplicity

That calms a cluttered mind.

Remember the breath

The potential of the universe

Remember the spirit that you are

The soul that gives life

Remember the beauty of the world

Remember to take a moment to listen to your heartbeat.

Remember to dance, to smile, to get lost in sound.

When the muck and mire

Threaten to drag you down.

Remember the light

The possibility.

Remember the love

The love you spread, the love you receive

The connections you make

With the people around you.

Remember the conversations

The little moments shared.

Remember your joy

Let it wash over you.





We are the forgotten

The ones who can’t remember

Who we really are.

A series of events

Has helped in our forgetting.


Happens, hurts

So we forget,

Maybe we never knew

All the light, goodness

We really are.

It is our job


To be in the business of remembering.

Of discovering our worth

Shouting it high off every mountain

Inspiring along the way.

Once we remember

Our inherent goodness

It will be all we can do

To help inspire others

To remember

A chain of remembering

Coming back to ourselves.

One flame

Jumping from one to another

In time.

Remembering doesn’t have a time limit,

It can happen in an instant

An instant that takes years to come by.

When it happens


Want to Want



Want to Want


I want to want a million things

I never thought I wouldn’t want.

I yearn to leave the fear behind

And walk in the valley of my dreams.

To wake from this deep sleep

That’s settled over me,

For passion to drive my every move

And keep away the nagging feeling

Of only ever going round and round

In circles without ever making real progress.

I want a change and fear what it may bring,

Terror doesn’t settle in loud and angry ways

It creeps and sneaks in little ways

And quietly slips fingers around your brain.

So smooth you’ll never see it coming,

Won’t know until you it’s too late and you’re already

Tied down.

It makes it incredibly hard to feel desire,

To want the things you know you want.

That terror makes you tired,

Confused, so when what you want

Sits in front of your face shouting at you

You look right past and don’t even hear.

I want to want a million things

I forgot I always wanted.


In the moments when I can’t remember the things that bring me joy I have to take a deep breath and attempt to remember. But at least I know that I have forgotten something, so I’ll always keep searching for what I can’t remember. When I remember my joy – inevitably I always do because it’s not that my joy goes away, I just forget – it’s a coming home to myself.


What is it that you forget sometimes?

Perfect To Remember



Perfect to Remember


I laid with eyes closed

This morning.

The sound of birds

The smell of rain

Soaking in through my still

Not quite fully awake self.

Peeking through one

Half opened eye

To see a single stream

Of sun between the clouds.

It’s a day with the

Air just so, and the sky just right

To transport me

To a world of memories.


A disjointed movie in my mind

Of images and feelings

Of the past.

Of light and dark, dances, hugs,

Trees, cars, rides,


The perfect setting

To snuggle down and reminisce

For a just a while,

To remember the joys, the pain

How they all have passed.

The transience of life,

Incredibly obvious

As it flashes by.


Lately I have been having many instances where I am suddenly watching movies of my past in my mind. More so than usual I am reminded of all the things that have happened in my life. It’s almost as if my brain is going through my life events, big and small. I don’t know why, I’m just enjoying the reminiscing. It’s always interesting to me the variety of memories that surface. Some are so big and important and other are so seemingly insignificant and random and yet they are etched in my mind.


What memories come to you?

Waiting to remember



For waiting to Remember


Drowning in the meadow

Of broken dreams

Zippered pouches turned inside out

Show their deep desires

Held back by cotton hands.

Waiting for a swallow

To creep them to reality

From imagined waves of

Guilty dust.

The raindrops

Jump the leaves to splash

Upon the ground,

Waking up the dead,

Send sleeping heads to bed.

It’s the words I think I will remember

As I lay awake in bed

That toss around forgotten

For mornings, days on end.

Aimless wandering the rivers

Of my mind

Going over and over again

The feeling, the emotion

Those words had

So close I taste them in my mouth

Sweet with the newness of

A poem, story waiting to be read.

For waiting to remember

I get a sweet emotion

Turning bitter before the end

The words remain forgotten

While new ones take the place.

Do you remember what it feels like

To forget?


As a writer, I am always waiting to remember – it’s why I always carry a notebook with me. Words, stories, poems are always floating around my head – new ones crowding out any that have not been written down. But this sense of wanting to remember extends to more than just writing. I am always remembering things – errands, people I need to call, various daily responsibilities, who I really am. That’s a whole lot for a mind to hold. But sometimes it’s the things I forgot that mean the most. This poem is all about remembering, forgetting and letting go. What are you trying to remember?