In Silence



In Silence


We sit in silence

Finding discomfort

As we meet ourselves.

As words dwindle

We are left

With what’s inside

Emotions we neglected

In the noise of the day.

To meet ourselves


Creates connection.

Silence makes us vulnerable

Open to what may decide to surface

Within our hearts.

In the silence

We must face all we covered

With the noise.

Allowing silence to fill us

To open us up

To nothingness

Can be fear inducing.

I welcome silence

While fearing what it may bring.


For the first time I sat in silence for a Quaker meeting and was inspired to write this. I found the silence to be refreshing but it also reminded me how difficult silence can be.


How does silence make you feel?


Needing Silence


Needing Silence


Sometimes in a life

Filled to the head

With words

Silence is requested

To clear all

Stale and musty thoughts

Make room for

Fresh and new.

Or just because

I need some space

A quiet mind

To be



Quietest place I’ve ever been…up in a hot air balloon. Miles above the earth. No noise at all. Amid all the hustle and bustle and noise of daily life I sometimes long for that silence again. Especially on days when I’m not feeling too hot.

Where do you find silence?

Snow covered day



Silence of the snow



The silence of the snow

Is deafening.

Coating the earth in a gentle

Mantle of cold.

Pushing and nudging

Us all deep under the blankets

Forcing us to stop

To take a break.

A snow day.

A chance to stay warm inside

To sip hot chocolate

And snuggle under

Fuzzy blankets with a good book,

To get a fire going and bathe in its warmth,


To venture into the

Wintry whiteness

Reminded of childhood days

Building snowmen

Sledding down hills

Creating angels on the ground.

Giving ourselves the chance

To take a step back

And remember what it means to have fun.

To let our worries blow


With the snow filled gusts of wind.

Each snow crystal landing on

An upturned face

Melts a heart in pools of love.


The silence of the snow

Forces us deep within ourselves

To reflect and listen to

The whispers of the heart,

The silence of the snow

Allows the soul a chance to be heard

Above the noise

Our modern lives are so steeped in.

The slate is clean

We can begin again.

Wrapped in snow filled quiet

We can discover anew

How precious we really are.


Yesterday was spent digging out from all the snow we got here in NJ. While I was shoveling I was inspired to write this. There really is something amazing about snow, it hushes an otherwise loud world and forces us all to slow down a bit. Not to mention it is absolutely beautiful! So I took the time given by the snow to reflect and get back in touch with me. It’s a wonderful thing to do, and there is always more to learn.

What do you do on a snow day?