Let Go To Sleep


Let Go To Sleep


Let go

As you lay your head

Upon the pillow.

As the day has ended

Night begins its quiet romp.

Sink into the bed below,

Wrapped in blankets

Comfort in the warmth.

Release the cares of another day

Close your eyes

To see the dreams

As they come out.

Fade into the darkness

The unconscious

Waking of your soul

To travel among the stars.

As your body rests

Another night.

Drift into the sleep

That carries you away

Twitching as you go

Falling down the steps

Of sleep.

Landing on the bed below.

Where the world

Ceases to exist if only for a while

A new land develops

A new life comes to be

In your dreams.

It calls to you

This nocturnal venture,

Let go

Release into the night

Uncurl thoughts

From a tethered mind

Slip into the silence.


Waiting For Sleep


Waiting For Sleep


Tick tock

Goes the clock

As the minutes

Rush on by.

Thoughts move

With the heartbeat

Of the clock,


By, keeping me up

All through the night.




About tonight, tomorrow

And the far away future.

Just waiting

For the sweet relief

Of sleep

To whisk

Me away to a land,

Without thinking,

Of rejuvenation.

Days End



Days End


Blue sky fades with splashes

Of light

Pinks, purples

Through the canopy of trees

Softly swaying above.

The night begins its coming

As the day comes to an end

I’m wrapped in cool night air.

Warmed by one next to me

As we lay hand in hand

To watch another days end.

 No words or sounds

Escape our mouths

Emotions run,

Energy moves between

Interlaced fingers

Connecting us as the shadows

Move across the forest floor

Illuminating and darkening our features

One by one.

Until the stars come out

And take us off to sleep.

Wake Me In the End


Wake me in the End

Wake me up

After the day is done

Leave me to sleep

Through the beginning

All the way until the very end.

Fast forward past

The struggle,

The work.

Take me right to the end result.

Don’t wake me

For the party

I’ll slumber through the fun

So when I rise

It’s all over.

I’ll wait until the end

Speed right through

All the in-between.

Sometimes you just get tired. Sometimes you just want to wake up when things are over, when things are settled and not have to be awake through it all.

When have you wished you could just sleep through things?

Cool Air Kisses



Cool Air Kisses


In the silence of the evening

I sit, snuggled up with a blanket,

In a chair beneath the window

That looks out into the world.

A starless night,

Covered with gentle clouds,

Still leaves plenty of room

For my imagination to soar

With the moon

To far away places.

The cool night air finds

Its way to any inch of exposed skin

Tenderly kissing it goodnight.

The scent of a wood burning stove reaches

My nose,

Sending me back to the days

And nights in the woods.

Comfort and ease rise in my system as the taste

Smell and feel of the air

Transport me to another place

Another time.

Every muscle relaxes

As my whole body lets go

Releases all the stress and worry

Everything floats away.

All that is left is

The cool kisses of air on my skin,

The tree standing sentinel outside the window.

Utter peace and contentment as sleep

Takes over.


A wonderful way to end the week. Wrapped up in the beauty of an evening in communication with nature. Especially after all the stress and craziness of the holidays, a break is much needed. Just letting go and relaxing into the night can do wonders for a troubled mind. May you all have a wonderful evening like this to look forward to on this Friday.