No Thoughts


No Thoughts


There are no words

They’ve tumbled

Off and away

Tossed on a sea

Sprinkled with white.

In the silence of the night

Muffled by the falling snow

Words and thoughts

Fall to the wayside

Leaving me to feel

The silence and the chill

Of a winter on the bay.

It is as it is.

Neither here nor there,

Just existence.


Magic in the Snow



Magic in the Snow


White frosting covers

All I can see.

Dusting over

Buildings and trees

Cars and pedestrians alike.

All equal under the falling snow

None can escape its

Wintry grip.

But it’s soft and warm

As it gently falls beyond the window pane.

In the morning

When the clouds have cleared

Leaving a brilliantly crisp


We shall bask in the wonder and

Glory of the winter wonderland

Our neighborhoods have become.

Even the air holds a certain magic

This time of year.

Things happen in the snow,

Twinkles appear

In the eyes of the hardest hearts,

We all become childlike as we scoop

Up balls of snow

To toss around.

Each snowflake kisses with good luck,

Bringing things you wished

For to reality.

It’s the magic in the snow

That makes dreams come true.

Snowy Glee


Snowy Glee

Snowflakes fall

Gently swirling,

Sending thrills

Through me.

I walk arms wide open

Filling myself with the joy

Of the first snow.

A smile spreads across my face

I’ll spin with joyful


Allowing the glee

To flow in around and out of me.

A beautiful thing to

Be so free

To feel so happy.

I’ll keep this feeling tucked away

For the next rainy day.

I’ll enjoy it now

Revel in its glory

Share it with any and all.

Snow covered day



Silence of the snow



The silence of the snow

Is deafening.

Coating the earth in a gentle

Mantle of cold.

Pushing and nudging

Us all deep under the blankets

Forcing us to stop

To take a break.

A snow day.

A chance to stay warm inside

To sip hot chocolate

And snuggle under

Fuzzy blankets with a good book,

To get a fire going and bathe in its warmth,


To venture into the

Wintry whiteness

Reminded of childhood days

Building snowmen

Sledding down hills

Creating angels on the ground.

Giving ourselves the chance

To take a step back

And remember what it means to have fun.

To let our worries blow


With the snow filled gusts of wind.

Each snow crystal landing on

An upturned face

Melts a heart in pools of love.


The silence of the snow

Forces us deep within ourselves

To reflect and listen to

The whispers of the heart,

The silence of the snow

Allows the soul a chance to be heard

Above the noise

Our modern lives are so steeped in.

The slate is clean

We can begin again.

Wrapped in snow filled quiet

We can discover anew

How precious we really are.


Yesterday was spent digging out from all the snow we got here in NJ. While I was shoveling I was inspired to write this. There really is something amazing about snow, it hushes an otherwise loud world and forces us all to slow down a bit. Not to mention it is absolutely beautiful! So I took the time given by the snow to reflect and get back in touch with me. It’s a wonderful thing to do, and there is always more to learn.

What do you do on a snow day?