Limp and lifeless

I’ll pretend to be.

Hold me up

My head will drop

Until you pick it up.

It’ll be work to keep life

Out of my eyes.

We’ll put on this show

How good a puppet can I be?

Flexible, and lose

As if my limbs are weightless

I wait for your touch to

Activate my performance.

We’ll paint my face and dress me up

Till I become a doll

Slumped on stage

Waiting for the puppet master

To orchestrate the act.

Every move comes from you

Through me for all the world to see.



There is a moment when I realize that in some ways I am just the puppet and my soul is at the wheel. That my soul directs what this body does, and it would behoove me to open up to that instead of fight against it. In other words… listen to my heart!  But this poem speaks to more than just my soul as the one bringing me to life. It actually simultaneously talks about my waiting for that person who can bring me to life in ways I haven’t yet experienced.

What is your soul telling you??







To be outrageous,

It is time!

Climb fences

And break down walls

Join hands with one another

And laugh in the face of anger.

Dance waving arms,

Throwing love around

Like a rainbow beach ball.

Catch a smile on the wind

And toss it back around.

Eat ice cream for dinner

Squish bare toes in mud puddles

And hug every tree you see.

Give up on indecision

Let loose and fly

Around the globe

Just to chase the sunrise.

Witness miracles everyday

As you inhale each breath.

Let your soul shine

Through your eyes, your smile,

So brightly heads always turn to see

How the sun is shining from the earth.

It’s time to be outrageous

Spontaneous, silly

And filled with love and joy

That pours forth to coat the earth.


Sometimes after all the crap we go through you just have a great day, or great many days. And all the crap melts away and all that is left is pure joy. That’s what it’s all about finding that joy and going after it, finding that love and reaching out for it with both arms wide open.


What outrageous things do you want to do?

The Place Between



The Place Between


Somewhere the river meets the sea,

Bringing me home to me.

Breathing life into my body

Weary from the flight my soul


Floating just to feel

Weightless, if only for a moment

To be free of the heavy weight

Bearing down

Pulling me through to the other side.

Falling indefinitely, forever.

To be buoyed up

Dispersed into the wind,

Carried beyond the reaches.

To a place where nothing matters

Only most important things stand true,

Life is lived to breathe

For nothing more and nothing less. 


What do you find in the place between?

Made for me



Made for Me


I know for sure

I was made for me

Just so I could be.

To experience the joy and fascination

That come with being alive.

To breathe deeply,

Feel as oxygen enters my body.

I wasn’t made for you,

For any one other than me.

I was made to live,

To love, to feel, to see.

To become all that I desire,

To bear witness to this earth

And all it has to share.

To take part in humanity.

I was made to learn

What it really means

To truly be me.

Who I am body, heart and soul.

To find my truth

And find it again every single day,

And to redefine it as is fitting.


The greatest journey is to myself. An adventure of discovery – who I really am, what my purpose is. That’s what this is all really about, figuring out who I am and what I’m meant to share with this planet. It’s scary looking into my soul to see what’s there but once I glimpse it, I am calmed and free.

What journey are you on?

Snow covered day



Silence of the snow



The silence of the snow

Is deafening.

Coating the earth in a gentle

Mantle of cold.

Pushing and nudging

Us all deep under the blankets

Forcing us to stop

To take a break.

A snow day.

A chance to stay warm inside

To sip hot chocolate

And snuggle under

Fuzzy blankets with a good book,

To get a fire going and bathe in its warmth,


To venture into the

Wintry whiteness

Reminded of childhood days

Building snowmen

Sledding down hills

Creating angels on the ground.

Giving ourselves the chance

To take a step back

And remember what it means to have fun.

To let our worries blow


With the snow filled gusts of wind.

Each snow crystal landing on

An upturned face

Melts a heart in pools of love.


The silence of the snow

Forces us deep within ourselves

To reflect and listen to

The whispers of the heart,

The silence of the snow

Allows the soul a chance to be heard

Above the noise

Our modern lives are so steeped in.

The slate is clean

We can begin again.

Wrapped in snow filled quiet

We can discover anew

How precious we really are.


Yesterday was spent digging out from all the snow we got here in NJ. While I was shoveling I was inspired to write this. There really is something amazing about snow, it hushes an otherwise loud world and forces us all to slow down a bit. Not to mention it is absolutely beautiful! So I took the time given by the snow to reflect and get back in touch with me. It’s a wonderful thing to do, and there is always more to learn.

What do you do on a snow day?