Spring Possibilities


Spring Possibilities


Blooms fill my view

Buds just beginning to make their way

Into being.

Surrounded by potential

And possibilities,

Spring brings

Change and growth.

Suddenly as the earth wakens

From a wintery slumber

Life picks up its pace

Things happen,

Change runs rampant

Hope invades the world

Lighting up flames of inspiration and

Motivation in

Those weighted by winter blues,

Burning away inactivity

Breathing new life into the world.


Coming Spring


Coming Spring


The world has opened up today

Woken for a moment

From its winter slumber.

Birds sing to celebrate

The coming spring.

Winter isn’t quite

Over yet,

Hasn’t yet had its last fling with us

Yet suddenly it’s

Infused with hope

With warmth under the chill.

Spring is coming

We all know

Look forward to it,

With joy in our hearts.

New Birth



New Birth


I’ll own up to all of my power

Wash away each of the fears,

Scrub away any self hatred with

Every single one of my tears.

Say yes to the new day that’s dawning

Awake to the sunlight inside,

Bring forth one who’s living within me.

Nudge her and love her and give her

Plenty of room to grow.

Raise my hands in praise

Of the love within me that

Reaches out to the world.

Stretch, stand and land in my


Reach, fly and float in my


Open my eyes to my flaws

To all the beliefs that cause me pain

Accept myself wholly

Without question.


As spring is finally making an appearance here in NJ, I am filled with thoughts of birth and new beginnings. In nature, I see so many flowers going into bloom and coming to life. Everything is waking up. I feel that call within myself – to wake up, to start anew.

What does spring inspire in you?

It’s coming



On the Wind


I can smell it

A scent of birth and renewal

Of green and light

It’s the way spring smells.

It’s coming, I can feel it

The wind blows strong and cold

But underneath is

The hope, the coming of spring.

The earth is shifting and moving

Right under my feet

The energy wriggles slowly up to

My bare toes squishing in the grass.

This is a time where patience is tested

Where nature is the well-equipped teacher

Nature takes its time and does only as it knows

While I wait with tapping feet for warmer weather

Sunshine and blooms of flowers all around.

It is also a time of intense hope,

I know it’s coming, it will soon be here

Hope is running high as the streams filled with


Mixing hope and patience is a complicated thing.

Enough to make one crazy,

That’s what happens in the spring

It’s called spring fever.

But at least it’s spring and

We known the cold winter months

Are close coming to an end.


Yesterday the sun was out finally in a clear blue sky and it was a beautiful thing! I am so very much ready for spring, albeit it a bit impatiently ready. But even though it was windy and a bit chilly I can smell it, spring it’s on the underside of the wind, and I can feel it on the ground and see little flowers beginning to sprout. That is very encouraging!

How do you feel about springtime?






Watch the wisteria fall

In white and purple wisps.

The smell reaches before the sight,

Wrapping me up in

Remembering childhood days,

Climbing in the flower coated trees,

Running on the porch coated in the

Delicate flowers.

Even if the memories aren’t really mine.

Fragile petals weeping fragrant tears

On passers-by.

Lay in the grass,

Caressed by the soft green blades

To watch fluffy white clouds

As they appear in pieces

Through the blooms reaching

Tender tendrils towards my body

Resting calming in the grass.


I’ve got spring fever…and I’ve got it bad. The sun is shining this morning and all I can think about is spring and flowers and warm weather. Too bad it’s only March 2 and things aren’t in bloom and the temperature has yet to reach above 50. It’s not spring yet. The wait is making me itch with anticipation and impatience. It’s frustrating knowing it’s so close and yet so far. A lesson in patience I guess – I’m not too fond of those.

What are some of your lessons in patience?

Buttercup love



Buttercup Love


Glancing down

Eyes searching for something

To fill the void.

Greeted by a ray of shining

Yellow faces.

Tiny yellow petals

On top of thin green sticks

Reaching out with love

To smile on me.

Such genuine joy

Spills out from every inch

Of yellow goodness

Reaching into the very depths of me.

Filling me up

With buttercup love.


Each little petal

Stretches in, winding around

All parts of my heart

Filling with golden drops

Of sun warmed love

Each hole, each tear, each scar.

That buttercup love heals me through and through.

They bring me joy,

They beg to be braided all through my hair

Making me smell of the earth.

Make me feel like a fairy skipping along.

Filled to the brim

With buttercup love.


So here in NJ the ground is covered in snow thanks to Nemo. While I do love a good snow, love the beauty, the quiet. I find myself longing for spring. In an attempt to bring a little spring into my snowy, wintry day I decided to share some buttercup love! There really is something special about buttercups and they are brightening my day already!

How do you bring a little spring to the dark winter days?