Almost Summer Sun


Almost Summer Sun


This air tempts and teases

Of summer heat

Letting us know,

Summer is on its way.

Sun beating down

Reddening my skin

Is healing for my aching heart.

Reminding me

There is joy to be found

Fun to be had

Even when

The one I love is far away.

Sadness is so much easier

To handle in

The light of an almost summer sun.



Stress and Sun



Stress and Sun


Stress rocks the boat

Taking me up and down

All around

A roller coaster of emotions.

No ever said

Happiness was stress free

A life of joy

Purpose and passion

Still comes attached

To stressors.

A head filled with questions

Thoughts rolling around

While I stare


Looking for a way

Back to peace.

Then I see

The sun

Setting behind the trees

The brilliance of the colors

The beauty

Takes over

An immediate

Release of all thoughts

I’m only filled with a gorgeous sky.

Washed in peace with

The colors of the sky.

All it takes

To calm an unsettled mind

Sheer beauty of the earth.






She sits in the

Gleaming ray of sun

Pouring through the window,

Casting shadows on the floor.

Her thoughts remain

Unsaid, a mystery to all.

Her eyes

Speak of deep emotions,

Of pools with hidden


Waiting for discovery.

A face unchanging

Always looking to the sun

For more.

More than what she has

More than exists.

Always yearning, searching

For the better path.


Sometimes it’s just an image that gets stuck in my head and I have to write about it in order to get it out.


What images get stuck in your head?

Secrets in the Setting Sun



Secrets in the Setting Sun


Secrets in the setting sun

Red as blood

Run deep as canyons

Through silent stares.

Trapped inside, no way

Out into the world.

Kept locked away,

While a well groomed façade

Does nothing to betray

The storms raging within.

Whirling, twirls of pandemonium

Quelled momentarily by only absolute stillness

Fester hidden underneath.

Behind the glossy eyes

Emotions run high,

To none but the well trained eye.


Secrets in the setting sun

Red as blood

Know not where to go,

Nor how to be

Simultaneously flustered and calm

And exist within me.

Searching for exits,

Escape paths to follow

Finding dark alleys and closed doors.

Turning around to

Curl in defeat

Rest in loss,

Until things change.


Secrets in the setting sun

Red as blood

Turn lighter as the sun disappears

Below the horizon.

Floating up and up

Gently seeping through tiny holes

Slowly working doors to open,

Till they open wide, spilling all.

Secrets turn to spoken words

Laid upon the steps of loving kindness

Released and let go.

Emptiness is never left alone.


A beautiful sunset is all it takes to wake me up. To inspire thoughts and words of loss and birth at once. How interesting that so often nature can bring to mind both sides of the coin, sadness and joy.

What awakens secrets in you?

Welcome back sun!



As The Sun


Live each day as the sun.

Brilliantly announce your

Coming in breathtaking color.

Shine without question all through the day

No matter what clouds happen to

Cover your light.

Finish in a blaze of glory

Lighting up the sky with one last

Show of gorgeous color

Before you rest.

Only to begin again and

Start fresh with another day.

Do this every day for the rest of time.

Just as the sun.


Finally the sun has made an appearance here in NJ. Thank goodness, I was beginning to forget what it felt and looked like. Because I am so happy and grateful that the sun is shining on this lovely day I decided to take a moment and allow the sun to inspire me. And inspire me it did, it usually does, or it at least makes me feel a little better. I tell you, if you spend a few moments just soaking up the sun, allowing all it has to teach come through it will change you. The sun amazes me every day and I hope to live my life as the sun does, shining for all to see, even when clouds cover me up. I hope the sun brings you as much joy as it brings to me. What do you think about the sun?