No Thoughts


No Thoughts


There are no words

They’ve tumbled

Off and away

Tossed on a sea

Sprinkled with white.

In the silence of the night

Muffled by the falling snow

Words and thoughts

Fall to the wayside

Leaving me to feel

The silence and the chill

Of a winter on the bay.

It is as it is.

Neither here nor there,

Just existence.


Thought Seeds



Thought Seeds


A thought starts as

A seed


Negative or


Watered by our use

Encouraged by repetition

To flourish and grow.

We must with our heart

Decide which seeds

To water

Which to let dry up and

Never take root.

Once thoughts become seedlings

We plant them in the earth

Sharing them with others.

We must be mindful

What we share,

What do we add to the earth

We aim to add rather than take away

Help rather than hinder.


Thoughts are really important if you realize it or not. They hold power and it’s better to allow that power to be positive than negative. I know for myself that the more positive thoughts I have the more well prepared I am for the tough stuff. It doesn’t mean pretending to be happy and enjoying a challenging situation, it just means encouraging  positive thinking.

When have you found thoughts to be powerful?

Morning Thoughts


Morning Thoughts


Sitting in the silent stillness

Of the early morning.

Clouds cover the rising of the sun

Delaying daylight for a little while longer.

Makes for a cozy morning inside,

Warmed with a blanket and some tea,

Only small patches of skin exposed

To the cool morning air,

Gently breathed through open windows.

I find myself alone and not

At the same time,

Lonely and supported

At the same time.

To live in this body

Is to feel loneliness,

To be a spirit

Is to be connected.

Since I, now am spirit living in body

I am lonely and connected


Which can be confusing

When thought upon too much.


This is what happens to me most mornings. Deep thoughts accompanied by silence, calm and peace.


What do you think about in the morning?

Silent Reflection


Silent Reflection

Reaching to her reflection

She searches for the answers

Identity, purpose

The big ones.

Looking over every inch of

Herself in the mirror

Trying to make sense

Of all that happens,

To put together

A puzzle with pieces

Not yet created.

Her reflection is silent

It offers no answers

No clues,

Only what she is

Exactly as she is

In that moment

For her interpretation.

So often I find myself looking for answers, attempting to make life make sense. I also recognize that often there are no straight answers and things don’t make sense the way I would like them to. I find it to be very helpful to just accept things as they are without thinking too much about them. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if I did that all the time! None-the-less letting go of the need to know, the need for answers and for things to line up perfectly can lead to a much less stressful life.


What helps you accept things as they are?