Of The Trees



Of The Trees


Out of the darkness of the earth

Grew a mighty tree,

With leaves that reach the sky

And branches that touch the sea.

I long to be just like that tree

At one with everything,

To live and breathe

Just to be

In love, of love.

To sway without breaking in the wind

To come from darkness while

Always reaching towards the light,

Each knot and gnarly branch

A beautiful

Ode to many earthly years.

I long for the wisdom of the trees

To take time to listen to the whispers

Of the earth and sky

While letting go of busy days.


Under Trees



Under Trees


It nourishes my soul

To sit under the trees

To watch as the sun

Blinks and winks

At me through

Waving leaves.

To close my eyes and

Feel the breeze

As is brushes past my skin,

Inhaling the sweet

Aroma of late summer

A scent of warmth and life

Mixed with salty ocean air

And a hint of the crisp

Fall to come.

Thoughts are free to wander

In the carefree space

Of natures embrace.

Senses are heightened

As I experience everything fully

In the moment

At one with nature

One with life

All worries left behind

All problems dropped off.

All is now

Now is all

Breathing is all that matters

Taking in, receiving

And expelling air.

Letting life happen.


As you may know, I love trees and being outside. I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time hanging out under trees this weekend. I feel quite refreshed and rejuvenated after.


What refreshes you?






A gash in the tree line

High up the mountain,

Acres of stumps where

Trees once stood.

A haunting image,

Scars ripped across the landscape

Trees torn from their home

Chopped and stacked

To be shipped far and wide.

But what is left is a

Weeping mother earth,

With an ugly scar scratched

Across her beautiful face,

Marred by human interaction.

Tears mixed with the blood

Of the earth

Ooze down the mountain

A cry for help

In a language understood

Only in stillness

And communion.


While I was in Oregon I saw areas of the forest where there had obviously been clearcutting. It is something I won’t forget, it just absolutely struck me and inspired this poem. It’s such a difficult thing, for me at least, because it is so very sad to see acres where trees have just been cut. It makes me want to hug the earth and heal it.


What do trees mean to you?

Dancing with a Tree



Dancing with a Tree


Heavy branches

Pregnant with blossoms

So fragrant

My eyes water

From the sweetness.

This beautiful springtime scene

A backdrop

For the dance,

The graceful swaying


On the ground below.

The steadfast trunk

Becomes a player in my

Lonely dance

Of life.

Take a break

A tilted head against

The bark,

Bare feet on the ground

One lifted,

An angled leg allows

Each toe to grasp the tree,

Arms reach back and down

Weighted in the lean.

While a breeze blows

Blossoms through my hair

Landing gently on my face.

I long for the world to see

The beauty that is in me.

Yet I so often find it difficult to

See it there myself.

I question and I doubt

And wonder what will be.

Until I come back to the tree,

Underneath my fingers and

Underneath my toes.

Forget all of my thinking

And just

Let go.


I love that the weather is getting warmer here. Since it’s getting warmer, I spend so much more time outside. Which means nature inspires me tremendously! Since I love, dancing, being barefoot and trees, I couldn’t think of anything better to write than a poem combining them all!

What do you love about trees?




Filled With Trees


It will calm your mind

And your soul

To sit and watch a tree.

I mean really watch it,

Until it fills you up,

Notice without concentrating

On the leaves, the flowers,

The breeze moving the branches.

Wait and the picture will fill

Your entire field of vision.

You will become the tree for a moment.

Let it happen,

Allow the stillness in,

Let it fill you,

The silence, the completeness

A way to just be.

Drink in the sunshine, and the dirt underfoot.

To be filled with trees is to be.

Let the earth fill you

With all her gifts

She offers them freely without judgment.

Peace and contentment settle into every cell

When I am with nature. 


Nature – trees, are the best medicine for me when I’m having a bad day. Just sitting under a tree or even standing near a tree placing my hands on it allows me to stop, to settle down and sync with the slowness, the being of the tree. Sometimes it’s quick and easy to feel better, other times it takes a while or returned attempts. But it always works. I think it reminds me not to take everything so seriously and just let things be.

What in nature helps you?

Cool Air Kisses



Cool Air Kisses


In the silence of the evening

I sit, snuggled up with a blanket,

In a chair beneath the window

That looks out into the world.

A starless night,

Covered with gentle clouds,

Still leaves plenty of room

For my imagination to soar

With the moon

To far away places.

The cool night air finds

Its way to any inch of exposed skin

Tenderly kissing it goodnight.

The scent of a wood burning stove reaches

My nose,

Sending me back to the days

And nights in the woods.

Comfort and ease rise in my system as the taste

Smell and feel of the air

Transport me to another place

Another time.

Every muscle relaxes

As my whole body lets go

Releases all the stress and worry

Everything floats away.

All that is left is

The cool kisses of air on my skin,

The tree standing sentinel outside the window.

Utter peace and contentment as sleep

Takes over.


A wonderful way to end the week. Wrapped up in the beauty of an evening in communication with nature. Especially after all the stress and craziness of the holidays, a break is much needed. Just letting go and relaxing into the night can do wonders for a troubled mind. May you all have a wonderful evening like this to look forward to on this Friday.