Heart Knows



Heart Knows


A warmth in my heart

Seeps and spreads

All the way from my fingers to my toes.

It’s the sign,

The signal telling me that

I know.

It’s the green light,

The nodding yes,

It tells me when something is right,

It doesn’t always make logical sense

But it’s my heart

And knows the truth.

She’s quiet yet persistent

Refusing to let me wander

Off the path or down

The wrong way.

Listening and following her lead

Isn’t always easy or

Sunshine and lemon drops

But it’s

The way I am most fulfilled,

The way I am most content.

So I spend my days

Honing my listening skills

To better hear

What she has to say.




Edge of the Earth


Tell the world

I’m ready for it to begin,

To slip past

Stolid walls

Past the stares of

Heavy expectations

To the edge of the earth

Where I pause for just a moment

Looking back at the,

Cutouts of a life

I never could have survived,

At the bewildered faces staring back.

Toes that straddle

The edge, curling round the ledge

Loosen their grip

As I leap heartfirst

Into the unknown expanse before me.

Only to discover

I know this place, it lives in me, my heart

While remaining unknown and unknowable,

Realizing that I’m not alone

Many have come before

Many follow

We are here together

In it together.


We all get to the edge at some point or another. If we can trust in ourselves and the universe that edge can be a whole lot less scary, it can be liberating.


What does your edge look like?


I also want to take a moment to send out prayers and thoughts to all the families that were affected by 9/11, to remember the lives that were lost.






Summer rains to winter storms

I’ll be OK

Fall endings to spring beginnings

I’ll be OK

Smiles to frowns

I’ll be OK

Tears to laughter

I’ll be OK.

I’ve washed away the dirt

That stained

And blocked my soul.

Opened up the windows

Allowed light to shine.


I’ll be OK

The earth will shift

Time will change

My life will come

To an end.

Through it all

I’ll be OK.


Ever had a moment in the midst of huge change when you realized without a doubt that it would all be OK. No idea how that could possibly be, and yet the feeling settles like a blanket refusing to leave. Yup, that’s what I’m talking about here. Had it, wrote it down, now to revel in it’s wonder. 


How do you revel in a feeling?

Made A Change



Made A Change


I woke one day to find

I had so much on my mind

The life I was living

Just wasn’t working,

I had to make a change.

I shifted off the shackles

I felt were binding me.

I spread my wings and

Learned to fly.

I slept under the stars

Dipped toes in mountain lakes

Danced and moved under the watchful eye

Of mountain tops.

I explored hot springs and geysers.

Surrendered to the planet

All that bothered me.

I hiked to reach the summit

And again to come back down.

I met with wise and ancient creatures to learn the secrets

Of their ways.

How will I ever return

To civilization?


Sometimes the scariest choices end up being the best choices. You learn very deeply about trusting yourself and the universe. It’s true that eventually you reach a point where you have to make a change, and in my experience while actually making that choice can be difficult once it’s done a sense of calm settles.

What helps you make the changes you need to make?






Crack, I hear the sound

Look down to see

The break,

It was me.

Straight up the middle

Radiating off in every direction

Spider cracks and giant canyons

In my being,

I’ve been broken open

Cracked into a million pieces.

A soft breeze caresses my cheek,

That’s when I hear

What sounds like raindrops

Of myself falling,

All my pieces on the ground.

I shift and shape

And lose myself.

A single tear for with the cracking

A weight has slipped off

And I feel light.

Slowly I open my eyes

To see

Myself glowing

For I have been reborn

Stripped of the shell I had been

Carrying around.

I’m raw and open and new

I’m light and airy

Filled with potential and


I fell to pieces

To find myself.


Sometimes the best way to discover yourself is to see what’s left after all the rest is shed. Underneath all the layers; of fear, of who we think we are, who we think we should be, exists our true selves. Our journey is find that self, to dig through all the layers, to assist in the removal of those layers. It can be a wondrous journey.

How do you search for your true self?

To a Point



To a Point


You have to get to a point

Where you are just too tired

To keep fighting

And you need to let go,

To drop your arms

And allow the light and love to enter

Without having to push through all your fighting.

When you reach the end of your rope

When you come to the end

And just move past

To the place beyond

Of emptiness.


A vast void

Rolls out in front of me

The whole world engulfed

At my finger tips

I am standing on the edge

One toe creeping over the precipice

I’m alone

Not a soul would hear me fall

Crashing to my death.

I have no other choice,

I can’t go back

That would be a death of another kind.

My only choice is to shift each foot

Forward a bit

Until there is nothing but air beneath


I’d like to say I would leap

With a running start out into my future

But in reality

I would close my eyes

And shuffle until I flopped off.

The falling

Is agonizingly slow

And yet I’m speeding down

The pull of the earth

Guiding me to a hard ending.

I hope and trust

That I’ll fly or be caught.

I have to believe this isn’t the end

That this falling won’t last forever

And that it will only lead me

To places I’d never imagined.


There are many times in life where I get to a point where I just can’t fight anymore – the worrying, the fear becomes too much for me. It’s at that point when I can let go and trust that I will end up somewhere wonderful, usually because I feel I have no other choice. Taking that leap is incredibly scary but past experiences teach me that I will either fly or be caught, because I’ve fallen many times and I have never been completely broken – I’m still alive to tell the story.

What helps you take that leap?





Showing trust,

It isn’t just a one-time thing.

Trust is an all-time thing.

It starts with the first step

One baby step

Or a giant leap of trust,

That gets you moving,

Puts you in the direction,

But that’s not the end.

It isn’t enough

To say

Ok, I trust you…

Whatever the you is,

Whether it’s a person or the universe

Or God or Goddess or whatever name you use.

You have to really believe

And feel that trust,

And you have to

Take the first step again

Every single day.

Time to play your part in the equation

Every moment renew that

Feeling, that trust, that faith.

Being trustworthy involves the same motion

Every day you have to

Renew that trustworthiness,

Others won’t trust you

Until there is consistency.

Doesn’t mean therefore without trust

You’ll be left alone,

Universe doesn’t work that way,

It trusts in you always

Works for you always

Protects you always.

For our own good,

Our own well being

We engage in trust, because

We feel better when we are in that energy.

Trust is a lifelong goal,

Something to be worked at every moment of every day.


Trust isn’t like a breathing, it’s not something that just naturally happens. You have to work at it, and practice. Everyday you get to wake up and do it all over again. That’s the beauty and the frustration at the same time.

When are you able to trust?