Within Me



Within Me


I walked through the valley

Through fields of lilies

With my head bent in

Absolute surrender.

I reached the edge,

The pinnacle of all I could take

The fear and anguish

Had become too great

For me to bear.

I let them go,

Dropped them off the nearest cliff,

Walked down into the valley

I fell to my knees

Weeping at the beauty of it all

Combined with the loss,

Of who I thought I was

Of all I thought I lost.

Only to find

The wonder each breath holds

The magic that makes me

Resides in all of you

And lives in every part of this

Divine universe.

I discovered that what I had been

Searching for

Was in me all along.


I needed this reminder today. That who I really am does always exist inside of me even if I don’t always remember.