A Break


A Break


A moment

Blue sky,

Shinning sun

Warm against skin

That’s long been

Hidden under layers.

A moment

Of respite

From the winter chills

That brings


Reminds that there is more

Than cold,

More than dreary winter days.

Kindles a flame


Even for just a day

It helps make the rest bearable.


Slowly light returns



Slowly Light Returns


And through the darkness

Slowly came the light.

Peaking around corners,

Sneaking through trees,

Tiny slivers, miniature pieces

Landing on the darkest spaces.

Bringing light to places

I thought would never again know light.

Bringing warmth and love.

It isn’t expedited,

No overnight shipping.

Darkness still lingers,

Highlighting the light even more.

Each day more light, with it brings.

But the worst is over,

The darkest part of night has given way,

At least for now.


Because no matter how dark the night is, no matter how long the winter, light always returns. No matter how horrible things seem/are they always turn around. Some days we are sad and some days we are happy. I find letting go into whatever the emotion – while realizing that I am not the emotion – is extremely helpful. What helps you find the light again?

Possibility to life

Possibility to life

Each day the sun remains a minute longer

Light spills over the land

More and more as winter moves toward spring.

With each moment, I feel

A slow warmth spread

Thawing out my heart

A heart frozen in dark hibernation.

Life and motivation

Just tiny seeds, creeping to life.

Not completely grown, but

Holding the possibility of blooms

The possibility of joy and passion.

Darkness still remains,

But hope too remains.

Possibility exists within the

Anxiety and despair

That plague my being,

Hold me back, keep me from living.

Growth is a topic that is frequently on my mind. Especially lately since it seems as though I am growing every single day. Sometimes it’s frustrating and I wish I could just be fully in bloom and done with all this growing. Even in those moments of frustration and despair I know I’ll never blossom without growing. In reality if I ever stop growing, it’s because I’m dead. Why else would I be on this planet if not to grow and learn and share? So I try and remain in gratitude, and let the rest move and flow on out. Remembering the bigger picture can be very helpful to me, it makes it easier to be grateful for where I am when I know that it’s only one piece of a much bigger picture. When that doesn’t work tears always do a good job of releasing all of that pent up energy. Or sometimes I try to look at that feeling, that struggle to reach the sun, that achy stretching, as something to investigate. I look at is as an adventure, something to test out and see what it feels like without attaching to the emotion. Then it feels more like a game than a serious emotional struggle.

When have you felt growth? What helped you move through it?