Real Work


Real Work


Sun beats,

Sweat beads form

Running down my arms

As I sit

On the ground,

Take a break

From building.

My body, tired in a good way

Feels strong and stretched, pushed to

Higher limits.

In this time of rest

The real work starts

We talk.

Volunteers and homeowners alike

Sharing stories,

Finding common ground

Finding a sense of feeling

As though we matter to each other.

We need one another.

Words pour easily

Into a river

Connecting us, forever

In awe-inspiring ways.

Even for just a moment

We’ve touched each others lives,

Made an indent, left a mark.


Something Right



Something Right


When I wake up every morning

Excited for another day

I know I’m doing something right.

When I get home from work

Exhilarated and filled with joy

I know I’ve found something special.

To love the work you do

To cherish every day

And wait with excitement for another day

Is what it’s all about.

For gratitude and laughter to pepper

Daily existence,

To meet and connect with people

To feel love flowing in, out and through you

In the work you do

Means something incredible.

I am grateful to the moon and back

For what I get to do

For who I get to meet

And the good I see around me.


This is life right now for me. My work inspires me every day and I am so grateful for the opportunity.


What kind of work inspires you?

Growing can take some work



Must Grow


Sometimes it’s the smell of grass on a warm day

That sends me spinning into peaceful joy.

Life outside myself,

Clouds moving with the breeze,

Flower buds slowly unfolding,

Reminds me of that connection to


More than just this body,

More than just this fear,

More than just this sadness.

No one ever said growing was

Painless or easy.

Growing is growing,

It takes work,

But the more you push against it,

Pretend it isn’t happening,

Or try to keep it from happening,

The harder things become.

Think of a flower,

Watch as the shoots push themselves up out of the soil,

It’s not easy, and it takes work, but it has to happen.

If the flower tried to keep itself underground,

To stop itself from growing,

Bad things would happen,

It would become deformed, and eventually begin to rot.

The same thing happens to me,

When I try not to grow,

I feel it, the deformities,

The rotting,

It’s not good.

So I must grow,

It’s part of life, and

I must allow it to happen

I must work with it.

Go with the flow,

Be the water.


Sometimes when I am feeling stuck, feeling down and filled with fear, I try to remember that it can’t last. That like everything, I will make it through this and it will make me a better person. Thinking of how a flower has to work, and push to get itself out of the ground helps me remember that I too have things to push through. Those things I have to push through may be negative, seemingly debilitating emotions. Now I also believe that life doesn’t have to be hard, that things don’t have to be a struggle. Sometimes I forget that and get caught up in things, but I have to always come back to this utter faith and trust that things don’t need to be hard. Unless we “need” them to be for our own development. What helps you deal with growing pains?