Growing in Dark


Growing In Dark

Petals slip
One by one
To rest upon the desk
Lonely and forgotten
As daylight
Leisurely fades to night.
Dark orchids
Tell their story to the walls
Illuminated in the shadows
If only from within
Although a passing moon
Lays fleeting hands on
Long ago withered blooms.
In the momentary starlight
One new bud is
Tempting fate
Fighting just to live.
Growing against the odds.
From death
New life emerges.
Steady and strong
Plunged back into darkness
As clouds cover the only light,
It will continue.


Inhale the Wind


Inhale the Wind

In the wind
We hear
The whispers of our heart.
Our joys
Our sadness,
Come to us in times
Of silence
Reminding who we are
From where we came,
And the possibilities
Of where we are going.
We breathe to
Stay alive
In more ways than one.
Our body needs breath
To live
Our souls need breath
Just as much.
We inhale the whispers
On the wind
Drinking in our own truth.
Realizing our true potential.

A Hand


A Hand

Worried, alone

Sometimes all we need

Is a hand

Someone to hold on to

Make us feel less alone.


Watching fear work

Its way through another persons’ eyes

Sometimes all we need

Is a hand

To reach out and help

To pull someone from that fear

A link to something more.


Either end

Giver, receiver

We need a hand

To give or to hold

We need our hands

To shrink the gap

Between each other.

To bind us

To one another

Bringing us together in a tangible way.


Hands to hold

Fingers curled around


Help to keep us all afloat.

Out Of Hibernation


Out Of Hibernation


It’s time

To re-enter

The world.

To come out of


Out of hibernation.

Too much must be shared,

There’s too many things

Needing to be said.

I’ve too much to offer

To stay silent any longer.

My spirit


In the silence,

Drowns from lack of creativity

And falters in under the weight

Of indecision.


Brings me to a halt,

Passion stalled

In its’ consuming darkness.

While I struggle to

Stay above.

One day spring will

Thaw the frozen ground,

Giving way to growth

To new ideas and fresh perspectives.

I’ll walk hand in hand

With spring awakenings

And give voice to things that grow.

Longing for Together


Longing for Together


Every encounter

Every conversation

We are searching for a common thread.


To connect us to each other.

We long to find community,

Loneliness, it scares us.

It’s vulnerable to be alone,

To be among others

In openness and honesty

Is to be vulnerable with witnesses.

But, when we grasp

Find a hold

And grab it

We are no longer alone.

There is always strength in numbers

Without knowing it

We take courage knowing

We aren’t the only ones to ever cry.

Our fear and pain lessen in the company

Of others.

Joy abounds when shared among a group.

We long to find togetherness

In everything we do.

Person of the Light


Person of the Light


I am a person of the light

I wither in the darkness

Shrinking to a lesser

Version of myself.

I blossom in the sun

Lit up to shimmering beauty

Filled with warm strength.


I am a person of the light

I carry pieces of the sun

Into the darkest places

Battling the waning light

From within,

To clear away the doubt.


I am a person of the light

I fear the darkness


I shudder at the possibility

Of darkness living


It is only in the presence of light that

Shadows of doubt can be created.

I can be light and dark



I am a person of the light

I am a person

Which means duality,

No straight lines

No black and white.

Darkness and light

Come in shades.

Darkened Clarity


Darkened Clarity


Sometimes it’s in the darkness

I see most clearly.

When the streets lined

With lamp lights

Illuminate the sky,

Each light reaches further

Showing twists and turns

More clearly than by the light of day.

Light shines brighter

When piercing through

A darkened veil.

I fear the darkness

All that it can hide

But know

That one single light

Can reach me

From very far away,

When sunlight would

Blend that light making it

Impossible to see.

It’s the contrast

That makes one light

Seem more brilliant.

As in my fear

I see my strength more clearly,

Witness my capability

With greater clarity than

In times of comfort.