It’s A Busy Day


It’s A Busy Day

Busy, busy

Blurring by,

The words, the lines

Deep inside

Twist and writhe

As days speed past.

A need to slow

To calm it down

Inhale deeply

Fresh fall air

As life takes crazy turns

And races on and on.

I’m caught in the


Along for the ride

Enjoying the excitement

While simultaneously

Yearning for a minute

To sit in quiet


On a park bench

Beneath the swaying

Leaves in the trees.

You know those days where you just feel frazzled by all that you have to do. Even if it’s all great fun stuff, it still feels like a lot. That’s when it’s even more important to find a few moments of peace and quiet to calm and ground yourself.

When do you get frazzled?


Finding Myself



Finding Myself


When I need to find myself

I return to the mountains

To the trees, the rivers.

In my solitude

I remember who I am,

I am awakened

By the quiet noises of the forest

As the wind whispers through

Trees and leaves.

I can feel

My heart begin to flutter

As my spirit soars.

The whole world fades away.

I am left with


I am left with now,

With the natural world

In front of me.

Time doesn’t matter

Nothing else exists

But right now.

It only takes a moment

For the transformation

For the wilderness to take hold

I become wild.

I am alone

Yet not alone.

Loneliness is so far away

When I am in the mountains.


I’ve spent the past few days hiking in the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire and there is just something amazing about spending time in the mountains. Both alone and with hiking buddies, it is a magical, spiritual experience. I absolutely love it. It’s moments like this when it feels like my body has just been made to hike and be in the mountains!


Where do you find yourself?

Where is Inspiration?



Where is Inspiration


Sometimes it’s there

Sometimes I have to look,

Once I key into it

It’s always easy

Just begins to flow

Petals on the river,

Flowing out through me.

A picture or a word

A phrase that just gets stuck

Rolling around my brain

Driving me crazy until I let it out.

A smell, or just a feeling,

One look, a tiny touch

A tear or a smile,

A conversation or a book

A movement or a song

All just enough

To bring creative muses

Whispering in my ear.

The muses are always there

Waiting around every corner

To inspire joy in me.

The greatest inspiration

Love, exists in all.


Inspiration is a funny thing. Some days I am so inspired and motivated and other days I find it difficult to remember what inspiration even feels like. I think of it kind of like a butterfly, the more you run after it the more it slips from your grasp, but if you calmly sit down and wait it will alight upon you.

What inspires you?

Twilight Dancing



Twilight Dancing


Sipping tea

One chilly evening.

Snuggled in a blanket

Attempting coziness in crazy times.

Gentle magic music plays.

Eyes closed…

      Dancing through wide open fields

      Grasses waving, skirt folds flowing

      Breezes catching the tale of the wind.

      Legs and arms in full emotion

      Create colors in the air

      Swinging round and up, behind and over.

      Sweetness reaching from the song 

      Through the body, aching for the dance.

      Gentle movements swaying from center,

      Tales of far-off lands,

      As hands twine around,

      Twisting, pulling, reaching

      Sweeping over earth spilling love behind.

      Each turn, casts rainbow light 

      Shimmering off in circles.

      Feet lightly brushing softest grass beneath,

      Leaping and prancing over flowers,

      Trailing stardust behind.

      Sunshine as spotlight through the trees

      As twilight twinkles through.


I love dancing, it is one of the things in my life that calms and brings me joy simultaneously. Even when I’m tired and not wanting to really dance I often escape into imaginings filled with dancing. Every song I ever hear brings images of dancing in my head. That’s just the way my brain works. 


What do you think of dance?



Top of the lighthouse



Top of the Lighthouse


Come, meet me

At the top of the lighthouse

Just before the sun goes down.

We’ll watch the colors painted

Across the deepest section of the sky.

Where angels dance

On the edge between sea and sky,

Making shimmers skirt across the waves.

We’ll watch as stars are born,

Made new.

Crisp evening air will

Swirl around our feet, rushing up

Past our faces through our hair.

Backs lean against the wall,

Feet just barely hang

Out over the edge.

There is no silence here.

The wind always rushes,

From land to sea and the other way around.

Constant hum in my ears.

But the calm is overwhelming

It’s a calm only found

In the depths of chaos.

The eye of the storm,

Calm so sweet because it’s

Surrounded by swirling twirling chaos.



Lately I have felt so drawn to lighthouses. Don’t know why exactly, but have just been feeling drawn to them. Of course there are no lighthouses very close to me, so I’ve had to visit them in my imagination and dreams until I can get to a real one. Especially now, they remind me of summer and warmth and that is a refreshing reminder as there is still snow on the ground outside.

What have you been drawn to lately?