Everybody Messes Up


Everybody Messes Up


Everybody messes up

We all make mistakes

At some point we all lose our way

We make choices that hurt us

And do things we regret.

But the sun always rises, and

New days begin.

With them comes the chance to

Start over again.

Opportunity to love,

To take our mistakes

And find the lessons.

We have the ability

To turn lost roads and

Wrong turns into

New maps and round-a-bout ways.

Every breath brings hope

For a better today,

To let go of the past

And give in to the way

Of the heart.


Messing up is an important part of life if we let it be. If we work with our messes instead of letting them drag us down we can grow immensely.

*This is actually a long poem that I am going to split into three posts, so stay tuned for the next two days for the rest of it.

How do you deal when you mess up?







Notes of a piano

Disrupt the quiet night air,

Drifting down an empty street.

I walk alone.

Huddled against the cold

Wrapped in layers

Looking to the sky

Coming up with only clouds.

Columns of light

Fall across the sidewalk

From lonely street lamps.

Left to ward off darkness

Sentinels of the night

Left useless in the glaring light of day.

They hold the stories

Silently watching

Nighttime wanderers,

Shedding light on

Those who pass through their reach.


I’m always fascinated by lights in the night, whether stars or streetlights, lamps or candles. There is just something beautiful about any kind of light at night. I relish and appreciate the darkness but a small light in a sea of dark is brilliant.

How do you feel about lights in the night?

Morning Thoughts


Morning Thoughts


Sitting in the silent stillness

Of the early morning.

Clouds cover the rising of the sun

Delaying daylight for a little while longer.

Makes for a cozy morning inside,

Warmed with a blanket and some tea,

Only small patches of skin exposed

To the cool morning air,

Gently breathed through open windows.

I find myself alone and not

At the same time,

Lonely and supported

At the same time.

To live in this body

Is to feel loneliness,

To be a spirit

Is to be connected.

Since I, now am spirit living in body

I am lonely and connected


Which can be confusing

When thought upon too much.


This is what happens to me most mornings. Deep thoughts accompanied by silence, calm and peace.


What do you think about in the morning?

It’s A Busy Day


It’s A Busy Day

Busy, busy

Blurring by,

The words, the lines

Deep inside

Twist and writhe

As days speed past.

A need to slow

To calm it down

Inhale deeply

Fresh fall air

As life takes crazy turns

And races on and on.

I’m caught in the


Along for the ride

Enjoying the excitement

While simultaneously

Yearning for a minute

To sit in quiet


On a park bench

Beneath the swaying

Leaves in the trees.

You know those days where you just feel frazzled by all that you have to do. Even if it’s all great fun stuff, it still feels like a lot. That’s when it’s even more important to find a few moments of peace and quiet to calm and ground yourself.

When do you get frazzled?

I Am Yet Unfinished



I am yet unfinished


I am yet unfinished.

An ongoing work in progress,

A story still being written.

Every moment I move

And grow towards

An ending

A finished product.

Or at least that’s what I think.

Maybe I’ve got it wrong

And every day I move and grow

Towards being

Even more unfinished.

When would I ever be finished?

Even when my last breath passes my lips

Would I be finished?

Or just beginning a whole new journey?

Every moment is a finishing and unfinishing

All at once.


I think about this sometimes, being finished or not finished. As much as I always want to work towards an end, to a job, a project, a book, I realize that I as a soul am never really done.

How do you feel about finishing?

Alone Not Lonely



Alone Not Lonely


It’s in the moments

When I’m all alone

In the silence of the forest;

A special kind of silence

Peppered with rustles in the leaves

Occasional birdsong,

I feel most at home

Most safe and warm and calm.

All thoughts and sounds

Of civilization

Of memories and past lifetimes

Of honors and mistakes

All drift below the grounds

To a place we all can’t see.

As leaves in the dust

All else fades away

Leaving me with trees, the sky and air

Each cough resounds, bouncing back to me. 

I never feel lonely in the woods

Alone but never lonely

It’s a delightful feeling.

I’d stay alone

A hermit on a mountain, recluse

Far from humanity.


In moments I long to be alone on a mountain. Even when I’m enjoying life and the people I’m around I long for the peace and quiet-the calm of the forest. I always need a balance. Nature keeps me grounded, people allow me to make connections.


Where do you feel alone but not lonely?