A Way For Me


A Way For Me


I was born for this

I know it in my bones

I was made to do this

To help, to serve, to collaborate.

I’m here

To be a part of something

So much bigger than me.

I listen to the quiet urgings

Of my heart

That leads me to

The things I am meant to do.

Inevitably I find my way

Not a way I

Could ever have imagined

Not a way I

Would have found

All on my own,

But a way that fits,

That lifts me up

Inspires me

And fills me with

Hope and jubilation.






The path doesn’t

Tell where it will end,

Doesn’t give hints

Or resolutions.

It exists

Only as it is.

It asks no questions

Doesn’t try to figure

Where it’s going.

The path

Lies silent

Stretched out

Before you.

Asking nothing more

Than company along the way

No commitments

No demands

No questions.

Just silent company

As we walk.






Even among

The noisy crowds

I hear the whispers

Urging me forward

Telling me

It’s time to begin.

The heart knows,

Whispering along the way

Guiding towards a certain path

I’m much inclined to walk.

I stumble and I fall

Lose track of

Quiet whispers

Too busy with the crowd,

But my heart will never cease

Leading me back home.

A Bigger Plan?



A Bigger Plan?


Maybe there’s a bigger plan

Grander than any I could imagine

Maybe the universe is gently guiding me

Towards this greater place.

While I’m kicking and screaming

I’m missing all the little hints

That my purpose

My reason,

My destiny

Is deeper than I am capable of imaging

At this time.

That maybe I don’t

To the fullest extent

Know what my best path is.

Maybe the universe, god, love, what-have-you

Knows a little more clearly

What is really best for me.

Maybe it’s because I am human

Because I am limited and

Have a limited view

That I can’t see all of what I will be,

But another source beyond

My human limitations

Can see all of it

And helps and guides me towards

My best me.

And all I do is kick and scream

Because it’s not going as I

Imagined it would and should.

I guess I need to have some faith

Find a way to trust and be grateful

For something that knows me better

Than I know myself.


I have begun to realize that maybe I don’t know completely what my best path is. That maybe there is something greater than me – that is also of me – that knows more than my limited mind. It’s all about faith, trust in something bigger. Trust that in following my heart, which is intimately tied to source, I will find my way.  This was reignited in me recently because I had a random interaction with someone who reminded me of something important I had forgotten.


What helps you stay in faith?

The road



The Road


The road sits before me but

I can’t see all the way.

I can tell it leads

To the mountain

Of my dreams. 

I know its there

That it only waits

For my eyes to see,

So it can show the way.

For now I can only see what’s

Right in front of me,

A small part of the road.

It’s somehow comforting

To know it will lead me home

Even though my eyes can’t

See how right now.


I will walk

Only on the road I see.

I won’t force the road

To come to me.

One step after another

And the road will

Unfold before

My soul.


When in doubt I remember I can only see what is in front of me. That the road – the path of my life is unfolding as I live it, and I can never know what’s around the corner or where life will lead. Instead I have to trust – trust in myself and trust in life and its process.

What helps you on the road of life?